A 21st century love affair in a 19th century house

He and I fell in love the minute we saw each other. We’re so fortunate…our love grows stronger every day. He’s so handsome, growing slightly grayer all the time but that’s okay. A few wrinkles here and there but those green eyes are still beautiful. He’s kind and sweet, as he always has been.

Sleeping together (is this getting a little racy for you?) can be a challenge. As it is with so many males, he tends to hog the sheets and covers. (You know what I mean.) I’m happy to say he doesn’t snore.

He likes to dine on schedule so I always try to be home for us to be together.   He loves to eat yet manages to stay nice and lean.   His tastes are limited; it’s easy to please him.

I know that he’s unfaithful but I accept that and have since I first discovered it. I don’t know her name but I recognize her when I see her.  She comes down the tree with a nut in her mouth and it’s for him. They stare longingly at each other. Their tails get puffy and twitchy. Just because it’s unrequited love, between mixed species with a double e-strength window between them doesn’t mean it’s not heartfelt. I know he worries when it’s cold out and he’s inside where it’s nice and warm. You can see it on his face.

He sleeps a lot….somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 hours a day. She visits frequently and he’s frequently oblivious. (So typical of the male, isn’t it?  If he were dependent on that nut, I can tell you it would be a different matter).   I guess you’d call her the (nut)bread winner, so I worry about his self esteem. Since he’s not allowed outside, his ability to hunt and gather is limited.

So there we are… Basil the cat and his squirrelfriend…..With apologies to the bard, she’s on the balcony ( i.e. up the tree) and he’s inside, most likely asleep. ”Basil-oh-Basil….wherefore art thou, Basil?” May things end better for them than that Shakespearean relationship did.