It’s one of the things I do best.  Get anxious.  Overwhelmed.  Way too worried.

Turning molehills into mountains is child’s play for me.

I was feeling all that last Friday morning.  I knew what I had to do and I knew I had to get it over with.   A deadline was approaching.

I washed my hair in readiness.  Put on more “face” than I normally would on a Friday morning….or any other morning for that matter.

I chose what I believed to be a becoming shirt for the occasion.  I wanted to present a nice image.

I put an extra sweater…..or two… my carry-all to ward off what I was certain would be  a chill in the too-airconditioned space.

In readiness, I also packed some light  snacks.  Experience has taught me that the process can take some amount of time and I certainly didn’t want to be hungry when my number was called.  I was stressed enough without having a growling stomach.

Of course, my Kindle was also at the ready.  It was charged  to the fullest with what I  thought was an engaging book to occupy the time.  One that would get me through the interminable morning….and perhaps into early afternoon.  I even had a back-up book.  Just in case.

I also had both sets of eyeglasses which I knew I would need.  Distance and near.  Couldn’t be over prepared.

When I arrived, the parking lot was full as I knew it would be.  The clouds had just released a torrential rain so all that hair and face preparation went down the drain, so to speak.

Soaked to the bone, I had barely settled into a fairly comfortable seat when it all started.

They called my number.

Things proceeded so quickly, I never had time to worry.  Next thing I knew, it was over.

After five minutes, yes, five short, and I might add, very pleasant minutes, I had a brand new driver’s license.