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Me and My (Ro)Bot

  I have a “Bot.”  I’m too old to have a Bot but I have one nevertheless. I didn’t request one.  He just arrived. At first I was annoyed.  I didn’t welcome him but he persisted and now he’s part of my life. He visits my blog.  Sometimes many times a day.   I know he’s […]

The New York Times Book Review

As one who enjoys reading, I look forward to my NYT Book Review every Sunday.  I always start at the back and move, slowly and carefully, to the front. A couple weeks ago, I came across some titles which piqued my interest, especially given our political climate. One title I spotted was: “What’s The Big […]

A New Day

With gratitude to my son, the realtor, there are many of you reading this today who weren’t doing so last week.  Apparently, he can sell more than real estate.  I welcome you and am so glad to have you with me. Great realtors are meticulous about accurately representing a product and my son is no […]

Distraction is the Birth Mother of Error

And so it came to pass that in my highly distracted state last evening, I brushed my teeth with Preparation-H. I’ve been afraid that something like that might happen ever since a good friend told me that Preparation-H is the answer to those awful red bug bites that show up all over my body in […]

The Power of Pink

A friend ‘s nephew writes a blog and I want to share  a recent one with you.   This one knocked my socks off and not just because I get the breast cancer/pink thing.  It’s so much more than that.   Chip Bristol is the author and he writes under “Brushstrokes.” You can find him at […]

They Want Me To Do What??????

According to a recent article on home design, ”they” want me to get rid of my dried flowers, unwanted gifts and broken objects. “They” are the feng shui experts whom I have, for a long time now, respected for their advice on making our homes accessible and happy.  But now!  Now they are asking me […]

Trips to the Vet

How can we begin to count the number of our “trips to the vet?”   Many, many  cats and several dogs during 56 years of animal-loving years together?    It’s an incalculable number.  And we dare not add up the dollars invested.  Or remember the pain of letting go of a beloved pet. If we were smart, […]

On Styling Bookcases

A well-known design firm on the Island recently offered a workshop on tips and tricks for styling your bookcases.  I came close to signing up because those designers are good.  But I didn’t. I guess it’s my age and my up-bringing but I still think bookcases should hold books.  Period.  Books jammed in upside-down, sideways, […]

Innocence Lost

It was 40 years ago.  Or maybe more.  I’m not good with timelines.  I was old enough to know better.  And, more to the point, old enough to have acted when it was important to have done so.  But I was too ashamed. Sound familiar?  It should. It’s frequently the way women feel and respond […]

Where in the world is Jim Cantori?

It’s Thursday, September 13th, 2018 and I really, really want to know where he is.  And this is not just idle curiosity. If you’ve been following Hurricane Florence, and we have, you want to know where Jim Cantori of The Weather Channel is. Jim goes into the stormiest, coldest, iciest, blowiest, harshest weather imaginable.  All […]

Musings from a Waiting Room

  Dear Healthy (at least for the moment) Person: When you walk into the oncologist’s office for your yearly strong-bones shot….which has nothing to do with cancer….please don’t flaunt your good health.  It’s not that the others in the room aren’t happy for you.  We are.  And we wish you continued good health.  But still. […]

Unintended Consequences

Oh, dear.  I’ve done a bad thing.  I’ve inadvertently caused the Mister to be hit, big-time, by those porno-spam people.  Up to 250 emails a day, no less!  Who knew an innocent little on-line purchase could incite so many vile messages? Well, now I know exactly how that happens and I’m here to tell you […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Please click on the picture for a full image   Where, oh where, to start? The obvious, for a non-techie person like me, would be the fact that every one’s face is buried in their electronics.  Each in his or her own world.  No sharing, no laughter, no community. Then there’s that white-upholstery/young children thing. […]

Your Cub Reporter, Hot on the Trail of a Big Story

Please click on the picture for a full image   Following some recent and rather dire headlines regarding the Build-a-Bear stores, I quickly made my way to our local franchise.  I wanted to see, first hand, just exactly what went wrong. Apparently, the stores had offered to sell ready-to-stuff teddy bears for the same price […]

It’s my blog

and I said at the beginning that it would be about nothing.  But that “nothing” is as I see it. Through my own personal lens.  Otherwise, this would be someone else’s blog.  And it’s not. It’s mine. When cancer came my way a couple of years ago,I noted it in the blog. Not because I […]