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Life in the Time of Corona

(With heartfelt apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of “Love in the Time of Cholera.) Here are a few life-lines that keep us somewhat sane during this time: Watching a great Rom-Com we missed first time around. Knowing our temperatures are comfortably below normal. Face-timing with family members, both far and near. Finding, not one, […]

I’m Puzzled

I’m puzzled as to why I turn, compulsively, to puzzles when I’m stressed. I load up on volumes of old New York Times crossword puzzles.  They’re blank canvases, ready to be completed. I order new jig-saw puzzles.  Those jagged little pieces are just begging to be put together. I guess I do puzzles because they’re […]

The Go Box

If you live in hurricane-prone territory, you have a Go Box.  It’s got all the hurricane evacuation basics.  A little extra cash, hand-sanitizing wipes, power bars, water bottles, some first-aid gear, medicines, pet supplies, a few food staples, Kleenex and so on..  It’s at the ready when/if evacuation becomes mandatory.   Here, on the coast of […]

Oh, To Be Chic

We try.  But, we don’t necessarily succeed. On the whole, we’re relatively comfortable in our clothes.  We enjoy bright colors, old tee-shirts, pleated khakis and mis-matched socks.  But when you go to New York, you can’t do that.  If you want to be chic, or not stand out like a sore thumb, you have to […]

I Sure Hope He’s Right

I’m down on my knees.  Praying that he’s right. Praying that he’s right when he tells us that we don’t need to worry. That this virus is little more than the common cold.  That it’s not highly contagious. That no one will die from it.  That it won’t continue to scare the markets and cause […]

It’s Really NOYB

Increasingly, I think that medical questionnaires are seeking information that falls squarely into the category of “None of Your Business.” To wit:  Our dear dermatologist of many years recently retired.  He himself hadn’t seen the sun in eons but he forgave us our years of using that wonderful “baby-oil, iodine, and aluminum-foil” tanning method, or […]

And, The Winner Is……..American Factory!

                       Those words, spoken at the Oscars, on Sunday, February 9, 2020, were music to my ears.  The words were also, and perhaps even more so, a balm for my eyes. I watched, in joy, as Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar accepted the Oscar for their  documentary, American Factory.    I cheered as they took their […]

Who Are They?

Are they Crooks or Cronies? Perps or Pals? Burglars or Buddies? How about all of the above? A couple of weeks ago, I posed a simple one-question “survey” to a group of friends. The question was: “Have you ever stolen anything?” The responses were remarkable. With that seemingly innocent inquiry, I learned, to my great […]

The Party’s Over

Yes, the party is indeed over and it ended “not with a bang but a whimper.” To cite a bit from T. S. Eliot’s poem, The Hollow Men. Yes, I watched the impeachment trial.  At least some of it.  People got very long-winded and repetitive and my attention span waned. Yes, the I kept the […]

Let’s PARTY!

Nothing screams party like an impeachment trial!  It brings out all the stars.  The A-listers.  The Old Guard.  The Wannabees.  The Media.  All of them vying for a spot on the red carpet. Or the blue carpet, so as not to appear partisan.  All the rest of us can do is sit on the sidelines […]

Online Survey

It’s rare these days when somebody wants my opinion.  It seems that I’ve “aged out” of relevancy.  Or value.  At least as far as market research goes.  So, when four educational institutions, each of which I hold in high esteem, asked me to participate in an online survey regarding my political views and behaviors, I […]


During my blogging years, I’ve introduced you to Carolyn.  I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her just a bit better.  It’s a longer story than usual but she’s worth every word. Some people just can’t be edited. A few years ago, she had come to Hilton Head from The Villages to spend the night […]


We rate WAZE at the very top of our life-style computer assistants. Just plug in your info and follow its little brick road. It tells you everything you need to know for an angst-free trip. On a recent trip, we asked….and received….excellent directions from point A to point B.  We wanted the bi-ways instead of […]


He’s finally back.  He abandoned me completely during my time of need.  During those two long weeks of sniffling, coughing, sore throat, feverish times.  I was all by myself. Left to keep my own company.  To take my own temperature.  Fetch my own Kleenexes. Not that he’s particularly adept in filling any of those needs.  […]

Christmas 2019

When we were first married, the Mister’s father gave us one share of stock in Scott Paper. It seemed a bit odd at the time but there was something lovely in that gift that I didn’t originally appreciate. I was thinking about that the other day as my Christmas “tissue” blog is being re-blogged below. […]