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A Model Prisoner

When the youngest of our boys reached the age of 7, I knew I had to get out of the house, had to go back to work….at least part-time. I got really lucky. In front of my very eyes appeared an opportunity to start an organization to help women return to the work-force.   So I […]

Parts is parts.

I just put away my winter stuff to make room for summer stuff and wondered, yet again, why jeans and tee shirts fill my closet. I think I finally figured it out. And I put the blame squarely on my three sons. You see, when they were first driving, we wanted them to have safe […]

Please Meet Ann

Ann is a long-time friend from Dayton. She’s always the star of a party whether as guest or hostess. Well, let me back up on that hostess thing for just a second here. No issues as far as having fun. That was always a given. But things can happen in Ann’s kitchen that are inexplicable […]

Just One Too Many Uh,Oh’s

Once upon a time, we had decided to become glider pilots.   We would buy a two seater glider, spend our Sundays blissfully aloft, guided only by soft clouds and thermals. Far above the madding crowd. No cars, no people, no noise. Just the two of us. Swaying and swinging in the gentle breezes. Sun warming […]

Lost. And Found.

I love socks. Always have. I have “popsicle toes” so socks help.  Golf socks. Knee socks. Bobby socks. Doesn’t matter. I don’t discriminate. I love them all. My favorite shopping web site is www.joyofsocks.com The colors, the designs, the craziness.   Almost too much to bear. But I manage. Quite well, actually. And, oh, how I […]


David DiBenedetto from Garden and Gun magazine says that dog people are the best kind of people. He’s welcome to his opinion but them’s hissin’ words if ever I heard ‘em. He’s can take a swat at me but there’s an insinuation regarding my cats in that statement that I don’t like. At all. I’d […]


Early on, I told you I’d introduce you some people I’ve known. So, with no further ado, here’s Carolyn! She was one of those rare birds who supplied her friends with endless joy and laughter….usually at her own expense. One of her many wonderful qualities was that she truly lived “in the moment.” We had […]

The Boys on the Bus

So there they were. Nineteen of them. Lacrosse players and their coaches. Big, strong, fit, healthy and hungry. Very hungry. They arrived on a Greyhound bus. Watching them get off the bus was like watching Shriners clowns climb out of a Volkswagon beetle…except there were more of them and they were bigger….much, much bigger. We […]


Some years ago, I was involved in the production of a small independent film, Emma and Elvis. When the director asked if they could film a few scenes at my house, I was thrilled. Should I redecorate? Paint the house? No, they tell me, that’s not necessary. They’ll find a few spots in my house […]

The Tale of the Traveling Grill

During many of the years we lived in Oakwood, Ohio, we didn’t own a grill and have just, in recent weeks, acquired one. Our first in over 20 years. For some reason, during that grill-less time in Ohio, we needed one. Our oldest son, who lived a mere mile away, had a grand one. Nice […]


It’s nighttime. I have adjusted my blanket, just the way I like it. Gently pulled up to my chin, ever so soft and warm.  Sleep comes easily. Later in the night, I wake. Cold. My blanket is at the bottom of the bed. It’s become a nest. For them. They have entered stealthfully. Together. Thick […]

Going, going, gone?

We’ve seen it coming. It’s been like watching a train wreck getting ready to happen. Whistles blowing, cars stuck on the track and nothing we could do about it. It’s the extinction, demise, disappearance….whatever you’d like to call it ….of the dining room table. I’m not smart enough to analyze the elements that are wrapped […]


The chickens are here! They arrived last Frieday via Fed Eggs. Their delivery was delaid by the frigid temperatures of late. I must confess I’m a little worried. The coop our neighbor built is quite salad but it’s out in the open and it wouldn’t be difficult to poach on the land and help yourself […]

Thoughts on listening

         Years ago, my husband had the great honor of working closely with Dr. George Gallup of the Gallup poll. They were involved in a world-wide survey together and in the process became friends. I was a beneficiary of that friendship as the Gallups graciously invited us, and our children, to join them in the […]

I can cruise, too….a postscript

Who knew there could be so many questions but there were. I’ll try to answer them as best I can….this was a long, long time ago, remember. The good news is that Sue, travelling companion, college roommate and friend, has, I believe, an “eiditic” memory…she forgets very little. She is my resource for these attempts […]