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Boy, Did I Ever Get Lucky

See, I knew them…… Before they were elected “Best Documentary Directors” by the Sundance Film Festival in 2019. Before MOMA put together a retrospective of their work. Before Rotten Tomatoes gave them a 98% rating for their newest documentary. Before they were both elected to the prestigious Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. They […]

Check in, check up, check out

We are incredibly fortunate to have good health care.  And we’re even luckier to have good health care providers.  Most of them have been part of our lives for 20 years or more.  We’re not just on a first name basis; we exchange hugs and family stories.  That easy manner is a balm for a […]

I Play Bridge

Yes, I do and have done so longer than nearly anyone I know.  I learned at my parents’ table.  At a very early age.  Long before I could even hold 13 cards in one hand.  And I’ve enjoyed the game for all these years. The fact that I play bridge doesn’t make me a bridge […]

Back to School Time

It’s that time of year. The promise of some nippy mornings just around the corner. The excitement of new beginnings. And, especially, the ritual of back to school shopping. New clothes.  Fresh sneakers.  And paper goods.  Lots and lots of paper goods. That was always the best for me. The paper goods.  New notebooks.  Three […]


                                      We attended one earlier this week.  She was a good friend. She had established a code…. a way of life….that so many admired and valued. Even though she’d recently shown signs of failing, we, who knew her, hoped she’d pull through. It wasn’t an easy decline.  We’d watched over the last couple of years […]

Class Notes

I attended an all-girls high school.  It’s a small school and I always look forward to the alumnae magazine and its class notes.  Catch up on what everyone’s been doing. I like to start at the back with the young graduates.  They’re so full of hope, energy and enthusiasm.  As you’d expect, they report weddings, […]

Finnegan. Please begin again.

So much began with Finnegan, the cat.  He unknowingly facilitated our relationship with the historic house on the May River and our happy years there.  I’d say he was the ”catalyst” for all that but it’s a bit too punny.  Even for me. Finnegan was plucked from the old house because one member of his […]

Headlines from our Local Newspaper

 According to a recent article in the Island Packet, the staff of the town of Hilton Head has been asked to “define a garden shovel in legal terms.” Doesn’t that sound like a silly assignment?   Surely it’s a waste of time and taxpayer’s money.  Just imagine all those group outings to Lowe’s and Home Depot?  […]

Me and My Blog Site

Yes, I have a site for this blog.  We wouldn’t be together right now if I didn’t.  But that doesn’t mean that I understand anything about its inner workings.  To wit:  I scrolled down into unknown territories the other day and found the following: “Yoast SEO has not fetched your site’s indexability status from RYTE.” […]


Was that my mother???  Barreling down I-95 with her car on fire? ? With sirens screaming and cars honking ???? And, according to the newspaper article, trying desperately to make it to Wendy’s before the inevitable explosion???? Yes.  Yes, I think it was. It wasn’t the car that tipped me off.  It was the destination. […]


       Funny how they come and go. So, I’ll back up before I begin. The Mister ruled over our checking account for years.  The monthly balancing act was never pretty.  According to him, I had a laissez-faire approach to specific dollar amounts and detailed reporting. In an attempt to save our marriage, I wrested the […]

How Easy Is That?

We always say that when something new comes along to make life better.  Easy is the big sell.  And so it is with my jazzy new car.  It came with bunches of bells and whistles, beeps and whimpers.  Most of which I neither want nor understand.  They scare me, truth be told.  But, and this […]


                What’s a girl gotta do to get a little peace and quiet around here?   Wouldn’t you think that would be easy in a community designed for a somewhat “mature” population?  That those years of loud, crazy carousing and partying might be things of the past? So, how come it’s just the opposite? At least […]


               We were lucky….or unlucky….enough to have had three graduations this past weekend.  One in Atlanta.  One in Colorado.  And one right here at home.  No travel.  No hotels.  Being the anti-travel-ists we are, we chose the latter. It was a sweet ceremony.  Small school, great kids, nice families.  We sat in the front row […]

It Was Music To My Ears

At least, that’s what it sounded like when the Mister said he wanted to go shopping.   For some new clothes.  For himself.  And did I want to go with him?  You bet your bippy I did.  He rarely, very rarely, invests in new things for himself and I wanted to be there. To see the […]