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Where, Oh Where Has She Gone?

How often can you go to a friend’s house, settle in, then abruptly get up from your seat, walk to another room, sit down, relax and be gone as long as you want? How awkward is that, for the most part?  Won’t people wonder where you’ve gone?  What you’re doing?  Why you left the party/bridge game/ book club?   Are […]

Notes From a Slightly Crazed Person

I sit.  In my bathtub.  Cocooned in bubbles.  It has the best view in the house.  And as long as there’s hot water, I’m happy.  Puckered skin and all.   Bird life is plentiful from my window.  Up on the third floor, I’m in the treetops with them.  I can also see further out where […]

Sounding the Alarm: A Short Story

It was a Christmas morning, somewhere around 1976 or so.  We had opened our presents.  The children were fighting about who got what and how much.  The Mister and I might have been drinking Bloody Mary’s.  Probably were.  There was a fire in the fireplace because that’s what you do on Christmas morning.  One of us suggested that we put the […]

I Cannot Tell A Lie

How silly.  Of course, I can tell a lie.  I just did.  I have told lies in the past and I will live to tell more. Even though I always remember my mother’s dire admonishments about lying. To anyone and especially to her! Most, if not all, of my lies are slight exaggerations or are of “the dog ate my […]

My New Car(s)

It’s been a long process.  And not an easy one.  There have been mistakes. I/we have been lured, compelled, beguiled, and ultimately sucked in to buying the wrong car(s) for me.  In essence, I’ve been looking in all the wrong places.  And for all the wrong reasons.  The big schtick these days is the wonder of the car’s electronics.  Its […]

I Could Use A Muse

But I would not choose a Greek muse.  That famous group of winsome ladies is a bit esoteric for me.   I’m looking for a muse of a different sort.  A muse not so much for inspiration but for affirmation. I’d like my muse to sit on my shoulder and tell me that I’m still doing the best I […]


Yep, The Mister and I got busted.   Exposed.  Caught.  Guilty. There’s a new blight on our reputation and one we may never live down. It all happened one evening last week when the phone rang.   At 7:30 PM.   It was a Face-time call.  Not only that, it was call from family members and family members […]

Do You Remember Your First Bicycle?

Of course, you do. Who doesn’t? First bicycles were rites of passage. On wheels, no less. That simple question, perhaps posed at a dinner table, can unleash memories, not all of them necessarily factual, that can fill many hours. Everyone outdoes everyone else with stories of their first bike.  Everyone had the biggest, the shiniest, […]

My Mother Disliked Rosalynn Carter

I mean, she really, really disliked Rosalynn Carter.  It was a visceral thing.  Having nothing to do with politics.  I’m sure she voted for Jimmy, what with her being a life long Democrat.  She approved of him.  It was his wife she didn’t like. It was a third-rail thing with her.  A land-mine.  You never knew what would kick it off but […]

Corona Conversations

         It doesn’t take much these days to send a perfectly good conversation into ridiculous and macabre territory. That’s what happened during a phone chat recently with a dear friend of many years and one who has a year or two on me.  We took a turn into the morbid with much laughter as a consequence. […]

Dear Doctor Fauci,

Dear, Dear, Dr. Fauci, What have you gotten yourself into?  Oh, how I wish you’d called me before you agreed to be the face of Covid 19. See, here’s the problem.  You actually read.  A lot.  You study the facts, you absorb them, you evaluate them and then you make informed decisions.  You come to […]

A Letter From Amazon

Dear Sallie, We, here at Amazon, would like to request your presence….virtually, of course….in our daily meetings/briefings about the coronavirus and the ways it affects our products and delivery system. As we’re sure you know, every single thing, and we mean EVERY single thing you buy, goes into our complex and thorough algorithms systems.  FYI, […]

Stuff Happens

When we were in the process of moving, again, in mid-March, the specter of a pandemic was out there.  Worrying, concerning, confusing.  We were moving fast, working hard, trying to settle in before….well, we didn’t know exactly what was coming but we knew we wanted to be ready. Since I was already a little lame […]

Dressed for Success

When our three boys were in elementary school, I had some level of control over what they wore. Off they’d go in their khaki pants, cute little striped polo shirts and dock-siders. Kid-prep, all the way. Dressed for Success.  The oldest and the youngest complied nicely. They stuck to the rules and never made a […]

I Could Hardly Wait

It was a big day.  It was time for my trip to the bone/foot doctor who would, I hoped, remove the bulky cast from my foot/leg.  He would take away my scooter and set me free. I could get back to life at a somewhat normal level.  I could roam around the house, go up and down stairs, […]