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No, not Ivory, Dove or Irish Spring.  I’m talking about those old-timey soap operas on television. The afternoons used to be chock-a-block full of them them.  And many of us watched one (or more) on a daily basis.  Even though we rarely admitted it. The Guiding Light was MY guiding light.  It gave me hope […]

Moving Day

Tomorrow the moving van comes. The careful and caring people who will be here to take our stuff have moved us four times. They know us; we know them. I’m not at all worried about everything getting to its destination in one piece. I’m a teensy bit worried about myself not arriving in one piece […]

We Move.

Again. This time we downsize.  Seriously downsize.  We’re forced to make hard decisions.   I will not jam everything we own into this little cottage. I refuse to stash stuff in the garage. I will not store boxes under beds. There will be space to move around and to enjoy those things we take with us.  […]

Such a Bother

        You really can’t make this stuff up. Like many of us, I have to get regular blood work done or they won’t give me my meds.  Sometimes, the wait at the lab can be as much as an hour for a blood draw that takes less than two minutes. Last time I was there […]

Mixed(up) Metaphors

       I’m hooked on British mysteries. It started with the great Agatha Christie many, many years ago. I even hear the English lilt and accents in my head as I read. The British idioms and adages have apparently seeped into my own. Just not always in the right way.  I get the meaning but the nuances […]

The May River

Yes, that May River.  The one in the picture above these words.  For all the many years that we’ve been coming to this part of the world, I’d heard about the May River. There seemed to be an aura about it. Almost a reverence.  Whether or not you’d ever seen it or been on it, you knew […]

Christmas 2018

When we were first married, the Mister’s father gave us one share of stock in Scott Paper. It seemed a bit odd at the time but there was something lovely in that gift that I didn’t originally appreciate. I was thinking about that the other day as my Christmas “tissue” blog is being re-blogged below. […]

Change of Weather

Down here in the South, we wait patiently…..and sometimes not-so-patiently…..for a refreshing bit of cool weather.  We tire of saying:  “Oh boy, it’s gonna be another hot one!”  We yearn for our sweaters, our vests, our mittens, our socks.  We want to turn on the heat.  To cuddle.  To say things like: “BRRRR.  Cold enough […]

Poor Officer Tulo

Officer Tulo lost his job.  And he’d done it so well for eight years.  Then, Boom!  He’s fired.  He’ll never know why.  And he certainly won’t have any way to seek reinstatement. Officer Tulo is a yellow Labrador retriever who was certified, trained and licensed to sniff out and detect illegal marijuana in cars, on […]

He’s Back!

Please click on the picture for a full image of Twiggy   He’s been in the basement for several years.  Now he’s back in the spotlight. For many years, he’d been replaced by a fancier, more life-like, fluffier, fake Christmas tree. We’d decorate that fake tree to the hilt, hang everything we could on its […]


We all make them.  Big ones, little ones, well-considered ones, spur of the moment ones. Everything we do, ultimately, is an investment of one sort or another, to one degree or another. We invest our money, hoping for the best.   Sometimes, the result’s great.  Other times, well, not so great.  We chalk our mistakes up […]

All The News That’s Fit.

I just love our little newspaper.  It wisely puts all that national gobbledy-gook on page 3.  Or 4.  Or 5.  Page One is reserved for the good stuff.  The stuff that matters.  Like the recent announcement that the long-awaited and hoped-for Bluffton dog park is now a reality. That little doggie park was twelve years […]

Me and My (Ro)Bot

  I have a “Bot.”  I’m too old to have a Bot but I have one nevertheless. I didn’t request one.  He just arrived. At first I was annoyed.  I didn’t welcome him but he persisted and now he’s part of my life. He visits my blog.  Sometimes many times a day.   I know he’s […]

The New York Times Book Review

As one who enjoys reading, I look forward to my NYT Book Review every Sunday.  I always start at the back and move, slowly and carefully, to the front. A couple weeks ago, I came across some titles which piqued my interest, especially given our political climate. One title I spotted was: “What’s The Big […]

A New Day

With gratitude to my son, the realtor, there are many of you reading this today who weren’t doing so last week.  Apparently, he can sell more than real estate.  I welcome you and am so glad to have you with me. Great realtors are meticulous about accurately representing a product and my son is no […]