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A little behind the times.

That’s me.  Always a little late to the party.  The last to know.  The last to “get it.” Friends have been telling me, for quite some time now, to turn off and tune out the news.  Especially the politically charged cable channels.  I’ve been slow to accept their advice but I listened up recently and […]

Little Pleasures

  At some point in our lives, little pleasures start to outweigh the big stuff. As we sat on the porch recently, enjoying the breeze and some wine, The Mister told me he’d had a most satisfactory and significant “Little Pleasure” event earlier that day. Pray tell, I asked. He said, that after a long, […]


From news reports: “Top security officials are warning Americans who are traveling to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup this week that Moscow-linked hackers may try to target them as they attend the international soccer event…The security experts advised World Cup attendees not to bring personal devices with them.”   You want me to […]

A lovely evening

We had a wedding anniversary some months back.  We’re not “big day” celebrants so we don’t get carried away with gifts or cards.   But, as it happened, we were invited to a  catamaran cruise that evening having absolutely nothing to do with our anniversary. The night was perfect. Fresh winds, sails aloft, good wine, fried […]


Who needs a tub? I do.  I really truly, madly, do.  And, not surprisingly, I find myself in the minority. Apparently, and shockingly, new houses are being built without bathtubs! The left brain part of me understands that.  Bathtubs take up space and no one takes baths these days anyway. My right brain rejects that […]


(Please click on the image for a full picture)   We recently sent a group e-mail to the family.  We thought they should know of an important decision we’d made. It was a big decision on our part and made without consulting the family, or even hinting to them that we were on that path. […]


Lists tell us a lot about ourselves. A grocery list tells us what we’ll be eating for the next few days.  A to-do list tells us where to go and what to do when we get there.   An invitation list tells us who our friends are.  A Christmas list tells us to get going […]

Trips to Fripp

  Remember the Chevy Vega “station wagon?”  That sub-sub-sub-compact-hatch-back from way-back when? We had one and we’d travel to Fripp Island, S.C. from Ohio for two weeks in the spring in that car.  A couple of duffle bags, baseball mitts, fishing gear, wine and suntan lotion.  We’d pack it all up and, if things went […]

Gropes and Grabs.

Wow.  It’s everywhere these days.  Places we least expect it.  The groping and the grabbing. I’d rather I didn’t have my own story but I do. Mine was a social situation, not a political or a power-based one.   But, still, it caused a level of embarrassment and discomfort. I’d see the offender coming my way […]

Spittin’ Mad

Please click on the picture for a full image. That’s what I am.  I’m spittin’ mad. If you look at the picture above, you’ll see a charming little “rock garden” planted by the children of our near-by elementary school.  It’s right on the sidewalk so I get to see it every day when I walk […]

Dear Carolyn:

It’s been a while since I’ve written but since you’re ever-present in my life these days, I thought I’d send you a quick note. During all the years we’ve known each other, you were always there to “save my bacon.”  I could list the many ways but that would take too long. You might not […]

Famous People I Have Known

All two of them. I like my famous people un-spot lighted, un-made-up, un-scripted, un-programmed, un-scheduled.  In other words, just real and down to earth. We’ve had two opportunities for that during our lives.  One was with George Gallup, of Gallup Poll fame.   See Thoughts on Listening , if you’re interested. The other was with James Taylor. James […]


Scandal has recently scorched the reputation of the venerable game of Cricket.  There’s been a major set-to in the leading Australian team.  Ball-tampering, they’re calling it.  I find it quite distressing. I really wouldn’t care except we have a Cricket bat hanging in our den.  It brings back good memories.  It came home with me […]


Who doesn’t love two-fers? Talenti is our new favorite two-fer.  Buy that yummy, refreshing, tantalizingly-tart, many-flavored gelato, and get an adorable little plastic see-through container and snug-fitting lid. That’s all good except for one little issue.  Our addiction to the gelato hasn’t stopped.    The little jars, however, have become a problem.  While there’s no such […]

Let Me Count the Ways…

A friend who knows me pretty well is redoing the operative parts of  her kitchen. She’s wisely gathering data from the Internet and from her friends before she makes her new purchases.  She called to ask my opinion on one of her considerations. Her question for me was: “Do you like your oven?” Let me […]