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First question to self:  Are you awake? Answer:  Obviously. Second question to self: Are you woke? Answer: Hmmmmm….. I’ll have to think about that.   And, so I have. The word – woke –  gets used, a lot, in matters of racism and social justice.  We’ve heard it repeatedly in the recent reporting of George Floyd’s death and subsequent marches.  Sadly, the […]

Inside Peek

Once upon a time, our venerable news anchors….Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and others… ended their programs by thanking us, their viewers, for inviting them into our homes.  That doesn’t happen anymore, of course.   Now, in this new world, what with the virus and all, the cable news anchors and pundits are reporting from their homes […]

Against The Grain

The Mister and I frequently find ourselves going against the grain, swimming against the tide.  We’re there again with the question of continued quarantine vs. a safe return to life as we knew it. As states continue to open up for businesses and services, our world is following.  Lapping it up.  Enjoying life. We, on the […]

The Mister Goes Shopping

And it’s a good thing he does.  Scooter-bound as I am, we’d have nothing to eat if he didn’t.  Or, perhaps more importantly, nothing to drink. Normally, he comes home with bags of groceries and some essential hardware items in his arms.  Imagine my surprise when, just yesterday, he arrived home with a smart young […]

A Dose of My Own Medicine

A week or so ago, I suggested to the Governor of Georgia that he might “Make Haste Slowly” so we can “Function in Disaster” but “Finish in Style” in the reopening of our communities. Those words have boomeranged right back at me  and I am trying very hard to follow my own advice. As if […]

You’ve Got Mail…

Or maybe you don’t. It all depends. Am I the only one who’s not surprised at the resurgence of the chain letter?  It seems an obvious way to reach out and touch someone.   Anyone.  Isolation and boredom are strong incentives to do just that. A good friend sent me a chain letter just this last week.  It didn’t ask […]


The following poem, titled “SINCE,” was written by a dear friend in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Since then, that poem’s seen a lot. Been around a few blocks. Written for one, it has adapted and spoken to many other significant events. In its first iteration, a few years after 9/11, my friend, the […]

“Georgia On My Mind”

Love that song.  Love hearing Ray Charles belt it out.  Don’t love what Georgia’s doing right now by opening for business-as-usual when things aren’t. That Savannah, GA is quite often our go-to town for doctors, doses of southern charm, great food and boutique shops causes me angst. All of that reminds me of my old high school mottoes […]

What’s In Your Pantry?

That strikes me as a slightly personal question but one that foodies seem happy, if not eager, to answer.  And apparently, the more obscure the items in their pantries, the happier they are to share.  Esoterica rules. Last week, an Italian cook-book author was featured in the Saturday Wall Street Journal.  She freely told the world which staples […]

To Mask Or Not To Mask?

That is the question of the times. And really, there’s only one good answer.   Here’s a little history as to how I got there. There was a time, not so terribly long ago, when our daughter-in-law was in the  super-sick ICU of the University of Michigan Hospitals.  To put even a toe in her room, we not […]

The Unheard Conversation

It’ll come to this, I imagine.  All this social-distancing will catch up with us. We’ll talk only to ourselves, muttering sweet nothings or not-so-sweet nothings.  It’ll just be our own id and ego….battling it out.  Just yesterday, we…..myself and I..….had this little tete-a-tete: Let’s wash our hair today. But we just washed it yesterday. Was […]

Life in the Time of Corona

(With heartfelt apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of “Love in the Time of Cholera.) Here are a few life-lines that keep us somewhat sane during this time: Watching a great Rom-Com we missed first time around. Knowing our temperatures are comfortably below normal. Face-timing with family members, both far and near. Finding, not one, […]

I’m Puzzled

I’m puzzled as to why I turn, compulsively, to puzzles when I’m stressed. I load up on volumes of old New York Times crossword puzzles.  They’re blank canvases, ready to be completed. I order new jig-saw puzzles.  Those jagged little pieces are just begging to be put together. I guess I do puzzles because they’re […]

The Go Box

If you live in hurricane-prone territory, you have a Go Box.  It’s got all the hurricane evacuation basics.  A little extra cash, hand-sanitizing wipes, power bars, water bottles, some first-aid gear, medicines, pet supplies, a few food staples, Kleenex and so on..  It’s at the ready when/if evacuation becomes mandatory.   Here, on the coast of […]

Oh, To Be Chic

We try.  But, we don’t necessarily succeed. On the whole, we’re relatively comfortable in our clothes.  We enjoy bright colors, old tee-shirts, pleated khakis and mis-matched socks.  But when you go to New York, you can’t do that.  If you want to be chic, or not stand out like a sore thumb, you have to […]