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What we hear and what was meant are frequently very different things. I had the television on the other day, just for background noise and company. With one ear tuned in, I heard the following:  “The difference has been incredible.  She has her old energy back, she’s more alert and wants to learn new things.” […]

Oh Danny Boy, The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling……

  Suddenly, it seems it’s all about the pipes.  Tending to them.  Making sure they flow freely.  That they stay uncongested. Pipes are everywhere.  Demanding our attention.  Running our lives. We have a list of pipe experts available to us, on our personal 911, because there’s rarely a day that we don’t call one of […]


Not long ago, a friend gave me a tea towel, embroidered with the following:  “I’m outdoorsy.  I enjoy cocktails on the porch.” Okay, so I may not be a fan of the outdoors but I do love porches.  They’re usually protected from bugs, have access to electricity and plumbing, and exude an aura that inspires […]

This is not a joke.

This is an actual event.  I was there and besides there’s no way you can make this stuff up. Not long ago, five friends walked into a restaurant.  They were lunching to celebrate the birthdays of two of them. The two birthday girls remembered to bring cards for each other. The three un-birthday girls forgot […]

Do I look really look THAT old?

The message from the Bluffton Christmas Parade this year was quite clear.  Yes, indeed I do.  Look that old.  Or maybe older. I opted not to be in the parade this year.  But, of course, we went to the parade.  It’s just not something you miss. We have a great place to stand and enjoy […]

Snow Days

A dream for children;  a nightmare for parents. We could always tell, as we woke up, if there was a promise/threat of a snow day upon us.  It was the quiet.  The peace that falls with the snow. But we lived in a little town where all the kids could walk to school.  No buses. […]

Lifetime Appointments

Such appointments are usually regarded as special, unique, admirable.  They might include Saint Hood, a seat on the Supreme Court, Nobel Peace Prize laureate.  All represent hard-earned, meaningful, and extraordinary accomplishments. Occasionally, however, there are lifetime appointments that come your way that you never wanted, certainly didn’t strive for, and have tried everything possible to […]

Benign or Malignant

Which one of those options would you prefer?  Benign, obviously. Malignant’s a whole other ball of wax. Let’s look at some situations.  Breast lump?  Colon polyps?  Benign or malignant?  Benign wins every time. Then, there’s language.  Profane language.  I’ve made it clear that I can and do swear like a sailor.   Stub my toe and […]

Ghosts. Past and Present.

It’s been some time since our regular, known, and accepted ghosts have paid us a visit.  I think we both miss them at some level.  If we stop to think about it.  Which we don’t very often. But, lo and behold, a new presence has entered our lives. Normal ghosts (is that an oxymoron?), don’t […]

Christmas Dinner. 2017.

Ten of us.  The Mister and Me.   Two of our sons and their wives.   Four grandchildren, ages 17 to 21. Our sons, their wives and children don’t see each other all that often.  Distance, work and school get in the way. So this year, the Mister posed a question to the table to spark conversation. […]


How long does it take for something to make that giant step from repetition to tradition?   A year?  Ten years? Well, I’ve decided that three years is a fine number of years in which to create a tradition so here, on this Christmas Eve, is the third printing of a Christmas memory. Our family […]

How Cats Think

He always does this when we’ve been gone for one or more nights.  We ask ourselves: “Why?”  “Why does he bury (most of) himself under the hall runner?” We’ve decided it’s his message to us: “You left me here in this house all by myself.  Yes, you arranged for me to be fed and watered.  […]

‘Tis the Season

We’re in full shopping mode at this point.  It slowly creeps up on us and then takes over.  I weary of it and I don’t think I’m alone. Our families and friends are so fortunate.  Our well-being doesn’t depend on those things we don’t have.  We’re blessed that way. Still, we feel the pressure, the […]

Coulda Shoulda Woulda ?

I should have written a check. I would have written a check. I could have written a check but I pay on-line. It’s so much easier to do it that way.  Just a couple of clicks and it’s done.  Think of the paper I save.  No long lines at the post office to buy increasingly […]

Priority Mail

  Gotta love Amazon Prime.  When it works, it’s wonderful.  Reliable, fast, next-day delivery. Not always the case where we live, however. Our main thoroughfare (all two lanes of it) is frequently blocked.  No one can get in. Or, in our case, out.   And it’s blocked for the most delightful of reasons. Our town has […]