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Come Sit…..

Had a bad hair day?  Your dream vacation didn’t quite meet expectations? That long awaited, painstakingly planned wedding went slightly awry?  The soufflé fell? If any of those things have come your way recently, then please come my way.  Sit down, spit it out, spill the beans, let it rip.  You’ll feel better and so […]

Candy as Metaphor

Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t. I like Almond Joys.  Not Mounds.  In other words, I feel like a nut.  That’s due somewhat to my taste in candy bars but more importantly to my relationship with word processors and printers.  Hence, the (very) broad-based candy reference. Our first “word processor” was a […]

Brain Waves

We have a wonderful local resource for people with memory issues.  Called “Memory Matters,” it is blessing for those who need it. They administer a free memory test to the public. I know many people who’ve taken it.  And actually remember that they did.  It’s called MocCa….short for Montreal Cognitive Assessment.  There’s another brain assessment […]


                  Once upon a time, when I went off to college, into that brave, scary new world, far away from home, I had absolutely no idea who’d be sharing my room, my bathroom, my desk and my closet. What would I do if my roommate snored?  What if I snored?  What if she wants to […]


Must it always be thus?  “Anything you can do I can do better“? As one born with no athletic ability whatsoever….and no interest at all in altering that……I know what it’s like to be the last one standing when a team is picked.  To be left sitting on the bench.  Sent back to the locker […]

Brand Loyalty

I am brand-loyal.  For me, it’s always been Duke’s Mayonnaise, Grey Poupon Mustard, Campbell’s Tomato Soup, Velveeta Cheese.  I don’t even have to think about it.  The Mister, well….not so much.   He’ll go for the generic every time.  Says it saves some money.  That there’s no difference.  But I know there’s a difference.  And no […]

The Ubiquitous Key Caddy

Who doesn’t have one?  A bowl, dish, or basket that sits inside the back door?  Ready for car keys and house keys.  They fill to overflowing without our noticing.  Who throws away keys?  A few days ago, we decided to sort through our own messy collection.  Most of them were mystery keys.  And so out […]

Staying Power

Dear Carolyn, Well, we’ve done it again.  We’ve moved.  I didn’t send the forwarding info to you as you’re a little hard to reach.  If we have internet issues here, I can only imagine the difficulties you must experience. But a funny thing happened as we were unpacking boxes in our new digs and I […]

The Lint Trap

We used to live in a big house with a teeny-tiny washer and dryer. Now we live in a small house with an extra large washer and dryer.  Go figure. Actually, I’m a bit excited about that.  For a couple of reasons.  I can actually wash more than one sheet at a time. I can […]

Never too late

 It’s never too late.  Really and truly. I didn’t know that, at my age, I would become a wannabe.  I’m pretty comfortable in my lifestyle.  Family and friends all good.  Love our new digs. What could possibly be missing? But I seriously wannabe an “–er.” Or an “-ist.”  Even an “-ant.” I want a title. […]

Birds of a Feather

Okay, so it’s no longer the May River we see every day but we do enjoy the benefits of a large lagoon and its inhabitants, right in our backyard.  The huge alligator who, we’re told, is too old to care about anything but a warm bank upon which to sprawl and soak up sun.  And […]

Did it again

The Island Packet did it again. It grabbed my attention. A week or so ago, the first page headline was “Free range parenting bill supported by Senate panel.” That bill, according to the article, means that kids would be allowed to play outdoors unsupervised at times. At first glance, the bill seems to fall into […]

School Mottos

There were two from my high school years.  “Festina Lente” and “Function in Disaster; Finish in Style.” Those few little words have been invaluable over the course of the last few months as we have made this transition to our new digs.  The move was, and still is, a good decision.  Maybe a great decision.  […]

Our Opinions

We thought we mattered.  That we were valued members of the family. That our feelings and opinions were worthy of consideration. Apparently, we were wrong.  We were neither informed nor consulted regarding this most recent move.  We don’t like change.  Period. End of discussion.  They knew that but they went right ahead and did it […]


No, not Ivory, Dove or Irish Spring.  I’m talking about those old-timey soap operas on television. The afternoons used to be chock-a-block full of them them.  And many of us watched one (or more) on a daily basis.  Even though we rarely admitted it. The Guiding Light was MY guiding light.  It gave me hope […]