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Musings from a Waiting Room

  Dear Healthy (at least for the moment) Person: When you walk into the oncologist’s office for your yearly strong-bones shot….which has nothing to do with cancer….please don’t flaunt your good health.  It’s not that the others in the room aren’t happy for you.  We are.  And we wish you continued good health.  But still. […]

Unintended Consequences

Oh, dear.  I’ve done a bad thing.  I’ve inadvertently caused the Mister to be hit, big-time, by those porno-spam people.  Up to 250 emails a day, no less!  Who knew an innocent little on-line purchase could incite so many vile messages? Well, now I know exactly how that happens and I’m here to tell you […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Please click on the picture for a full image   Where, oh where, to start? The obvious, for a non-techie person like me, would be the fact that every one’s face is buried in their electronics.  Each in his or her own world.  No sharing, no laughter, no community. Then there’s that white-upholstery/young children thing. […]

Your Cub Reporter, Hot on the Trail of a Big Story

Please click on the picture for a full image   Following some recent and rather dire headlines regarding the Build-a-Bear stores, I quickly made my way to our local franchise.  I wanted to see, first hand, just exactly what went wrong. Apparently, the stores had offered to sell ready-to-stuff teddy bears for the same price […]

It’s my blog

and I said at the beginning that it would be about nothing.  But that “nothing” is as I see it. Through my own personal lens.  Otherwise, this would be someone else’s blog.  And it’s not. It’s mine. When cancer came my way a couple of years ago,I noted it in the blog. Not because I […]

Book Clubs

Everyone belongs to one or more.  It’s just what you do. But, alas, I am, personally, book-club-less at the moment.  By choice.  Or at least I think so.  No one’s told me otherwise. Recently I’ve had a bit of a day-dream about the book club I would like to belong to.  The idea was sparked […]


Alert!  This is not a Sunday jolly.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t  work out like that.  So, read on at your own peril.  It’s an observation; just not a happy one.  And it may not be a new one at that. Yes.  There was another school shooting not so long ago in Santa Fe, Texas.  We […]

When is a grocery store more than a grocery store?

When it’s “a way of life.” That was the description we gave to Dorothy Lane Market, our grocery store in Oakwood, Ohio. Dorothy Lane Market started as a fruit stand and grew into an elegant, state of the art, innovative grocery store through the years.  But it never lost its sense of community, people, or […]

Me and My Kindle.

We have a special relationship.  My Kindle and I do.  We spend an inordinate amount of time together.   It’s a joined-at-the-hip, or in this case, at-the-thumb, kind of thing. And so it is with some degree of sadness that I’ve come to the realization that my Kindle doesn’t understand me at all. The books it […]

Conflicting Headlines

We subscribe to a small magazine called “The Week.”  It presents alternative positions on many topics, making it an unusual publication with no clear political or economic bias.  It’s intended to make you think. There’s always a section devoted to Health and Science news.  A couple of weeks ago there were two headlines in that […]

A little behind the times.

That’s me.  Always a little late to the party.  The last to know.  The last to “get it.” Friends have been telling me, for quite some time now, to turn off and tune out the news.  Especially the politically charged cable channels.  I’ve been slow to accept their advice but I listened up recently and […]

Little Pleasures

  At some point in our lives, little pleasures start to outweigh the big stuff. As we sat on the porch recently, enjoying the breeze and some wine, The Mister told me he’d had a most satisfactory and significant “Little Pleasure” event earlier that day. Pray tell, I asked. He said, that after a long, […]


From news reports: “Top security officials are warning Americans who are traveling to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup this week that Moscow-linked hackers may try to target them as they attend the international soccer event…The security experts advised World Cup attendees not to bring personal devices with them.”   You want me to […]

A lovely evening

We had a wedding anniversary some months back.  We’re not “big day” celebrants so we don’t get carried away with gifts or cards.   But, as it happened, we were invited to a  catamaran cruise that evening having absolutely nothing to do with our anniversary. The night was perfect. Fresh winds, sails aloft, good wine, fried […]


Who needs a tub? I do.  I really truly, madly, do.  And, not surprisingly, I find myself in the minority. Apparently, and shockingly, new houses are being built without bathtubs! The left brain part of me understands that.  Bathtubs take up space and no one takes baths these days anyway. My right brain rejects that […]