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Thrift Shops

We, as most communities, have a plethora of second-hand thrift shops. I think it’s great that we donate our no-longer-needed items to those shops, let them be re-sold at prices accessible and affordable to others and, in turn, share their profits with the community. I just have one little problem with that process. Just as […]


I said earlier that I would not write a cancer blog. That’s a commitment I’m keeping. I am well….and will continue to be well.  So, let’s just get that out of the way right now. But.  Along the way there were a couple of bumps. And, I think that this is such a terrific tale […]

We’re so excited!

To paraphrase (slightly) the Pointer Sisters:  “We’re so excited!” There might be some of you out there, you big city people, you New Yorkers, Chicagoans, Parisiennes, and so forth, who might think that we live in a sleepy, little southern town where absolutely nothing happens. You, my friends, would be wrong.  All kinds of wonderful […]

Russell’s chair. Redux

(Please click on the picture for a full image) My father’s old chair has been re-upholstered. Again. Or put more more accurately, the upholstery has been re-designed. By none other than our very own in-house designer. Once again, he’s has had his way with it. He’s made his mark on it and we see no […]


Oopsies happen. So do bumps in the road, and other things you don’t plan, schedule or necessarily want.    Breast cancer falls in that category. I’ve been writing this little “blog”  –mostly about nothings — for over two years.  Everything I’ve said, written, thought about, considered, reflected on, has been from my heart, my soul and […]

On Books and Reading

(Please click on the picture for a full image) I admit it. I read too much.   I give myself permission because I think I’m old enough to be my own boss but the truth is I’ve always read too much. Nancy Drew was my first best friend. She became my  alter-ego in all things mysterious […]

The Overheard Remark

Do you sometimes see and hear little insignificant things and wonder about them? Perhaps when you’re sitting, waiting for a meeting or an appointment, standing in line or taking a walk? I do. I especially remember two little scenarios. There’s nothing dramatic or exciting about either one. I’ve just always wondered about them Years ago […]

The Iconic Chairs of Summer

What says summer more than an Adirondack chair perched near a body of water, a graceful hammock strung between two shady trees or a beautiful outdoor swing, gently swaying in the breeze? In my opinion, an aluminum chaise lounge from Walmart with all those cool multi-colored straps beats ‘em all. Isn’t summer supposed to be […]

Oh, to be in England.

Oh no,  I don’t mean now. Not this minute, or this day. Or even this year. No, I want to go back, many, many years ago, and be known as Lady Sarah, Mistress of Cornwall, or some such thing. I want to ring for breakfast, luncheon, dinner and, most especially, tea. I want to summon […]

WINE – Definition of life without: Unimaginable

I like to think that our children’s first words were either mommy or daddy but it’s just as likely, if not a tad more probable, that it was “Cheers.” There were three of them, all under the age of three at one point, so I can’t, with any confidence, assure you that the vessel with […]


(Please click on the picture for a full image) In a perfect world, every thing would have its place and its function. For example, napkin rings would always hold napkins, vases would always be there for the flowers.   Shower-curtain-hooks would happily hold up shower curtains. Rugs would stay on floors. Clarinets and violins would make […]

Little Treasures

“One man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure.” It’s all a matter of choice. Man is not alone in making choices. Animals choose their treasures, too. Dogs seem to gravitate toward bones, sticks, balls; cats opt for inedible parts of birds. Or moles. We learn that those are their treasures when they proudly lay them at our feet. Shared treasures increase […]

Other Mothers

Oh sure, I had a real mother. Wouldn’t be here otherwise, now would I? But, I also had Other Mothers. No, I didn’t leave home, I didn’t move in with another family, I didn’t abandon the real one. I didn’t seek out my Other Mothers.   They just appeared and I lapped them up. They’re as […]

A Very Short Play on the May

(Click on picture for the full image) Setting: A beautiful day on the May. Blue skies.  Serene river. Funeral in process at the church next door, bells pealing, once for every year of the deceased’s life. Always a sobering and thoughtful time. Cast of characters: (in no particular order of importance.) A. Yours truly. B.  […]


Sebastian Junger has a new book, entitled “Tribe.” The focus is on soldiers returning from war and finding that they may not be fully accepted into the “tribe” of family and friends they left behind.   They return with the scars of war and carnage and are greeted with isolation. One is as devastating as the […]