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It’s not just a dance anymore. Personal perspective right up front:  I never went to a prom.  All-girl’s schools didn’t do that.  With good reason. So, as I listened to a young-ish parent’s concerns about his daughter’s upcoming prom, and its many stressors, I muttered to myself: “Surely this is much ado about nothing.” Until. Until […]

My Cousin Joe

(Please click on image for a larger picture) My cousin Joe and I grew up together in the same small town.  We were almost exactly the same age.  Neither of us had siblings.  We had a close relationship for many years. Eventually, our lives took different turns and we lost touch. He became an internationally-known journalist and […]

Please Just Leaf It Alone.

There it is.  I see it.  It’s one leaf.  Blowin’ in the wind. Well, actually it’s blowin’ in the man-made wind.  The man behind the blower doesn’t seem to know where he wants that last leaf to go.  I could tell him where to put it but that would be inappropriate and he couldn’t hear […]

On Friends

Sometimes chance provides an opportunity to assess and evaluate what’s most important. Such was the case this last week when, through another friend, old friends from Ohio happened into my blog and, subsequently, onto our porch. There was ample wine, much laughter, even political chit-chat….and what fun it was. Later that night I got to […]

A Trip to the Cinema

For most people, going to the movies would not be an “alert the media” moment.  But, for us, it is. So.  Please.  Alert the media.   We actually went to a movie theater.  And stayed for the whole movie. It’s been years since that happened. See, one of is seriously allergic to the aroma, the vapors, […]

Leggo My Eggo

Actually, you can have my Eggo.  Just keep your mitts off my Sunday New York Times Crossword puzzle. Don’t touch it.  Don’t get near it.  Don’t even think about helping me with the clues.  There will be a price extracted for any of that.  Just ask anyone who’s been around me when that happens.  It’s […]

Help is on the Way. Maybe.

I’ve recently had cataract surgery and as the song says, “I can see clearly now.”   It’s truly a modern miracle.  Clock numbers are there again.  Street signs are legible.  I can see birds in the trees.  Flowers in the garden. That’s all good.  Wonderful, in fact. However, I can now see things on my face and […]

A Small World

(Please click on photo above for a full image) In a recent publication of the Bluffton Sun, the editor shared a few of her  “small-world” and “six-degrees-of-separation” experiences.  We all have them.  One of ours relates to our life here, in this house, originally built in 1795 on the May River. When we moved into this old […]


(Please click on the photo for a full view) She was given to me by a friend over twenty years ago.  She’s intended to be a personal health-aid.  When something hurts, you stick a pin in that part of her medically-encyclopedic body and abracadabra!!  It’s gone! She came equipped with ten pins.  At the time, […]


We didn’t know it was a crime when we did it but isn’t that what guilty people always say? Sure, we knew they were underage when we poured them Bloody Mary’s so they would smile for our Christmas photograph.  (see Family Photos) But, hey, it was all done in the confines of our house, so […]

Little Treasures

Question:  What on earth could the following items have in common? A purple bud vase A small African warrior statue Two little glass hearts A handmade piece of pottery with the words “You Are Great” painted on it A badly chipped china angel A kitchen timer A painted spoon rest Answer:  They have absolutely nothing […]

On Books

I read a lot.  I study the New York Times Book Review each week in search of books I might like.  Goodreads sends me stuff once a month.   I study book club lists.  All in hopes of finding books to enjoy. I’ve gotten picky.  The words “war, violence, slavery, torture, suffering, strife” don’t compel me […]

Splinters and such.

The iconic Katherine Hepburn once said in an interview that she’s quite good at getting foreign objects out of eyes…her own or anyone else’s.  The mere idea of that gives me the heebie-jeebies.  So, I’m not your go-to person if something’s in your eye. I am, however, quite infatuated with splinters.  Those little shards that […]

Can We Talk?

Don’t put pussy willows up your nose. Don’t put your elbows on the table.  Don’t chew with your mouth open. …and other things our mothers told us NOT to do. It almost goes without saying that unless you’re sure  the person you’re talking to voted the same way you did in our recent election, do NOT talk about it.   […]

Exam Time

So a friend walks into a doctor’s office.   It’s her annual check-up.  She’s strong and healthy so this is just routine.  Right?  Wrong. Seems she’s reached the magical age where not only her physical well-being is evaluated; her mental acuity is also going to go under the microscope.  To say that she was flustered and […]