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We didn’t know it was a crime when we did it but isn’t that what guilty people always say? Sure, we knew they were underage when we poured them Bloody Mary’s so they would smile for our Christmas photograph.  (see Family Photos) But, hey, it was all done in the confines of our house, so […]

Little Treasures

Question:  What on earth could the following items have in common? A purple bud vase A small African warrior statue Two little glass hearts A handmade piece of pottery with the words “You Are Great” painted on it A badly chipped china angel A kitchen timer A painted spoon rest Answer:  They have absolutely nothing […]

On Books

I read a lot.  I study the New York Times Book Review each week in search of books I might like.  Goodreads sends me stuff once a month.   I study book club lists.  All in hopes of finding books to enjoy. I’ve gotten picky.  The words “war, violence, slavery, torture, suffering, strife” don’t compel me […]

Splinters and such.

The iconic Katherine Hepburn once said in an interview that she’s quite good at getting foreign objects out of eyes…her own or anyone else’s.  The mere idea of that gives me the heebie-jeebies.  So, I’m not your go-to person if something’s in your eye. I am, however, quite infatuated with splinters.  Those little shards that […]

Can We Talk?

Don’t put pussy willows up your nose. Don’t put your elbows on the table.  Don’t chew with your mouth open. …and other things our mothers told us NOT to do. It almost goes without saying that unless you’re sure  the person you’re talking to voted the same way you did in our recent election, do NOT talk about it.   […]

Exam Time

So a friend walks into a doctor’s office.   It’s her annual check-up.  She’s strong and healthy so this is just routine.  Right?  Wrong. Seems she’s reached the magical age where not only her physical well-being is evaluated; her mental acuity is also going to go under the microscope.  To say that she was flustered and […]

Dates and Appointments

I still use a paper calendar.  A month-at-a-glance thing.   It sits right in front of my computer and yes, I know that if I were “with it,” I would keep all those dates, appointments, and birthdays on the computer. The Mister does that.  He’s computer savvy.  He also forgets most of his dates, appointments and […]

Family photos.

We all want them, of course.  To document, to remember, to recall the great times, the special times.   Smiling faces, pretty places. As I looked once again at our Christmas cards,  I felt a touch of envy for those who were able to gather their families together and take group pictures, each one special and […]

Christmas Day 2016

“May you live in interesting times.”   So says an old, time honored, and currently relevant (overly-so?) Chinese curse. As we were drinking coffee at the breakfast table this morning, I looked into the pretty little dish adorning it.  In it were a stash of Hershey’s kisses, a power bar, four packets of Emergen-C for our […]

The Holidays are Upon Us.

And with them, of course, the consideration of gifts. As we mull over our giving, we must consider the fact that The Mister is quite consumed by the issue of global warming.   And, in particular, its impact on low-lying coastal communities. Subsequently, one of the things we are considering for our family this year is some acreage in […]

A Christmas Card Exchange

We send out a few Christmas cards….fewer every year, I  fear.  One goes to an old childhood friend and her husband.   She and I grew up together; our parents were good friends.  She was an important part of my life. As is often the case, we grew apart as family, work and life put us […]

At Long Last.

I finally got it. Because it was a world not open to me, never available, I brushed off its value.  I thought all the rituals surrounding it were silly, childish, and seriously over-rated.  I couldn’t understand why people would travel…sometimes long distances….to recreate the scene, to keep a toe in those waters, to go back. But […]

A Little Help from a Friend

Thanksgiving, 2016 Dear Carolyn: It’s Sallie here.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve written but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think of you nearly every day.  So, I’m taking my own advice right now and “just checking in.” If you don’t mind, I do have one quick question for you. As you […]

What’s in a name?

Our children’s names for us, as parents, come naturally: Mom and Dad, with the occasional variance. They’re not necessarily original but there are only so many people on the earth who can call us by those names. So, in spite of their ordinariness, they become unique and special. The Mister had another name for his […]