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Porch Musings

Even in this terrible heat, our porch gets a lovely breeze.  It’s a little like a warming oven.  Not hot enough to cook in; just warm enough to take the chill off an over-air-conditioned person. I always take a book with me when I retreat to the porch.  I’ve been reading The Bettencourt Affair by […]

Women’s Rights.

The very words “Women’s Rights” seem strident.  Very 60’s and 70’s.   Political.   Divisive. How about “Women’s Issues?   Better, softer maybe, but “Women’s Issues” are, in fact, everyone’s issues. Regardless of the wording, I deeply care about women’s “issues” and  “rights.” Many years ago, back in the 60’s and70’s, I was a self-declared “feminist.”   If anyone […]


It’s one of the things I do best.  Get anxious.  Overwhelmed.  Way too worried. Turning molehills into mountains is child’s play for me. I was feeling all that last Friday morning.  I knew what I had to do and I knew I had to get it over with.   A deadline was approaching. I washed my […]


Every summer the stores are full of them.  We recognize them by their book jackets. Gauzy, beguiling, images of best friends, strolling arm in arm, by the sea. Long-legged beauties, dangling their feet in the refreshingly cool waters. Promises of clandestine affairs.  (Is there another kind?) Tow-headed children, tanned a nut-brown by the sun, romping […]

What is a friend?

Click on the picture for a larger image Earlier this summer, we had the opportunity to view an artist’s world-wide, four year photographic study of her 400-plus Facebook friends.   Through her photography, she took us into their homes, their families, their lifestyles. The exhibition by itself was intimate and engaging.  But she took it a […]


The Mister and I like to do things together.  That’s  good  because we’ve been married for a really long time. Just recently, we went, together, to the brand new superstore not far from home.  One of us was very excited about a great sale on our favorite wine.  The other one had nothing better to […]


SAD isn’t something we want but many of us get it anyway. SAD stands for Seasonal Affect Disease.  It happens when the skies are too gray for too long.  When there’s snow and ice on everything.  When the trees are bare for months.  When the sun doesn’t shine for days on end. We get grumpy, […]

Guided by Beeps

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are audibly accosted by beeps, peeps, pings, and chirps.  Tweets, too, but that’s a different matter. A friend mentioned this recently and now I can’t get it out of my head. Our house beeps to tell us we have intruders, that the smoke detector needs a new battery, […]

preview of coming attractions

to my dear and respected poets: sometimes….no, make that lots of times….i have trouble understanding poetry.  shakespeare and chaucer are lost on me.   i do quite like e.e. cummings but mostly because he never  capitalized anything.    my poet friends are well aware of my limitations. forrest gump said that “life is like a […]

Jill. Or is it Jack?

(Please click on the image above to get the full picture) Many years ago, we bought a marvelous iron statue from an sculptor in Ohio.  It was my birthday present.  I named her Jill.  Until I turned her to the side and re-named him Jack. She/he is androgynous.  It all depends on your perspective and the angle […]

Occam’s Razor

Definition:  “Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.” Or put another way:   “Keep it simple.  The most obvious answer is likely to be the right one.” Apparently, there’s no Occam’s razoring when it comes to computer issues.   One starts with the most complicated, the direst, the most difficult, the tech-i-est, […]


On a recent morning the door on one of the upstairs bedrooms closed nicely behind me.  Just like it always does.  The problem was it wouldn’t open when I wanted it to, a mere few minutes later.  Initially, I found the situation amusing.  Three hours later my sense of humor had gotten up and gone […]

Role Models

I’ve had my share through the years. They’ve taught me, inspired me, been there for me when I needed them.  That’s what role models do, even though they don’t necessarily know they’re doing it.  They’re just there. At my age, I should be the role model, rather than the role model-ee.  That gets us to […]

“Scar tissue is a good thing.”

So says the author of a new book: “The Vanishing American Adult.” There was a time when you would’ve had to go a long way to make me think that was a true statement.  For most of my life, I’ve walked around with a scar on one arm and hand, due to a fire when […]

Waste not. Want not.

I just put my little brick away.  The one I use to squish every last dib-dab of toothpaste out of its tube.  I’m following the old adage: “Waste not; want not.” When it comes to things in jars, jugs, tubes or bottles, I WILL get that last drop out. Those vessels get watered-down, shaken-up, q-tipped, turned upside-down, […]