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The Holidays are Upon Us.

And with them, of course, the consideration of gifts. As we mull over our giving, we must consider the fact that The Mister is quite consumed by the issue of global warming.   And, in particular, its impact on low-lying coastal communities. Subsequently, one of the things we are considering for our family this year is some acreage in […]

A Christmas Card Exchange

We send out a few Christmas cards….fewer every year, I  fear.  One goes to an old childhood friend and her husband.   She and I grew up together; our parents were good friends.  She was an important part of my life. As is often the case, we grew apart as family, work and life put us […]

At Long Last.

I finally got it. Because it was a world not open to me, never available, I brushed off its value.  I thought all the rituals surrounding it were silly, childish, and seriously over-rated.  I couldn’t understand why people would travel…sometimes long distances….to recreate the scene, to keep a toe in those waters, to go back. But […]

A Little Help from a Friend

Thanksgiving, 2016 Dear Carolyn: It’s Sallie here.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve written but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think of you nearly every day.  So, I’m taking my own advice right now and “just checking in.” If you don’t mind, I do have one quick question for you. As you […]

What’s in a name?

Our children’s names for us, as parents, come naturally: Mom and Dad, with the occasional variance. They’re not necessarily original but there are only so many people on the earth who can call us by those names. So, in spite of their ordinariness, they become unique and special. The Mister had another name for his […]

We live in a zoo.

The zoo’s residents simply moved in with us. We didn’t invite them. They’re here 24/7. They follow us wherever we go. Into the living room, the den, our bedrooms. They join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Uninvited, though they may be. They climb into our cars with us. They demand to be fed, heard, […]

Three Little Words

Sometimes it doesn’t take more than three little words to convey an important message.  “I love you” always hits home.  “It’s a girl (or boy)” packs a mighty wallop. I have a new three-letter-word message.  Probably not intended as that but I’m adopting it as such anyway. At this point in life, we’ve all had […]

Foul and Damaging Weather

We had our share of both with Hurricane Matthew.  In looking at the damage afterwards, we were pretty sure we saw indicators of tornadic activity.  The marked and definitive paths of destruction.  Trees twisted from their roots.  One house leveled; the next one untouched.  We’ve seen tornado behavior and felt certain that more than one had touched down […]


Prounounced:  en-isle-ed. If you’re a crossword puzzle person, you probably know that word.  If not, here’s the definition: “To make into an island; to set apart from others; to isolate.” Yep…that was us all right.  Hurricane Matthew “enisled” us. We made the decision on Friday morning.  Took a straw vote with our neighbors and, in […]

Writing for Money

Recently, a friend sent me a notice regarding a writing contest that stood to make me $100.00 richer if I won.  It was nice of her to think of me so I decided I’d submit an essay.  One that had animals in it.  I’m told that you always get extra points for children and animals. […]

“In Praise of Profanity”

That’s the title of a new book by Michael Adams. According to the publisher, The Oxford Press, the book is a “provocative and unapologetic defense of profanity in modern society.” Personal admission right up front:  I can swear like a sailor. So his words are music to my ears. Since moving to the gentle state of […]

On Buying Jeans

Apparently the new criteria for buying jeans is: “Can you sit in them?” I discovered that when I went on a mission to buy a pair of jeans that were “in.”  This by definition means that they aren’t baggy, have very skinny legs, have no give in the fabric.  Aren’t, in other words, comfy. The […]

Thrift Shops

We, as most communities, have a plethora of second-hand thrift shops. I think it’s great that we donate our no-longer-needed items to those shops, let them be re-sold at prices accessible and affordable to others and, in turn, share their profits with the community. I just have one little problem with that process. Just as […]


I said earlier that I would not write a cancer blog. That’s a commitment I’m keeping. I am well….and will continue to be well.  So, let’s just get that out of the way right now. But.  Along the way there were a couple of bumps. And, I think that this is such a terrific tale […]