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to my dear and respected poets: sometimes….no, make that lots of times….i have trouble understanding poetry.  shakespeare and chaucer are lost on me.   i do quite like e.e. cummings but mostly because he never  capitalized anything.    my poet friends are well aware of my limitations. forrest gump said that “life is like a […]

Jill. Or is it Jack?

(Please click on the image above to get the full picture) Many years ago, we bought a marvelous iron statue from an sculptor in Ohio.  It was my birthday present.  I named her Jill.  Until I turned her to the side and re-named him Jack. She/he is androgynous.  It all depends on your perspective and the angle […]

Occam’s Razor

Definition:  “Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.” Or put another way:   “Keep it simple.  The most obvious answer is likely to be the right one.” Apparently, there’s no Occam’s razoring when it comes to computer issues.   One starts with the most complicated, the direst, the most difficult, the tech-i-est, […]


On a recent morning the door on one of the upstairs bedrooms closed nicely behind me.  Just like it always does.  The problem was it wouldn’t open when I wanted it to, a mere few minutes later.  Initially, I found the situation amusing.  Three hours later my sense of humor had gotten up and gone […]

Role Models

I’ve had my share through the years. They’ve taught me, inspired me, been there for me when I needed them.  That’s what role models do, even though they don’t necessarily know they’re doing it.  They’re just there. At my age, I should be the role model, rather than the role model-ee.  That gets us to […]

“Scar tissue is a good thing.”

So says the author of a new book: “The Vanishing American Adult.” There was a time when you would’ve had to go a long way to make me think that was a true statement.  For most of my life, I’ve walked around with a scar on one arm and hand, due to a fire when […]

Waste not. Want not.

I just put my little brick away.  The one I use to squish every last dib-dab of toothpaste out of its tube.  I’m following the old adage: “Waste not; want not.” When it comes to things in jars, jugs, tubes or bottles, I WILL get that last drop out. Those vessels get watered-down, shaken-up, q-tipped, turned upside-down, […]

I Am Woman; Hear Me Weep

I’ve said that this  little blog would not be about politics or health.   It’s just about stuff.  Or nothing. Take your choice.  But politics and health collided with such a resounding thud last week that I simply can’t ignore it. It was announced on Friday that the GOP Senate Health Care committee is comprised of 13 […]

My Pre-existing Condition

A friend told me, many years ago when I was too young to understand, that “the older you get, the more like yourself you become.” What rubbish, I thought.  But, she was a wise woman and I now know that statement to be true. See, I’m an introvert.  A born and bred, dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying introvert.  […]


It’s not just a dance anymore. Personal perspective right up front:  I never went to a prom.  All-girl’s schools didn’t do that.  With good reason. So, as I listened to a young-ish parent’s concerns about his daughter’s upcoming prom, and its many stressors, I muttered to myself: “Surely this is much ado about nothing.” Until. Until […]

My Cousin Joe

(Please click on image for a larger picture) My cousin Joe and I grew up together in the same small town.  We were almost exactly the same age.  Neither of us had siblings.  We had a close relationship for many years. Eventually, our lives took different turns and we lost touch. He became an internationally-known journalist and […]

Please Just Leaf It Alone.

There it is.  I see it.  It’s one leaf.  Blowin’ in the wind. Well, actually it’s blowin’ in the man-made wind.  The man behind the blower doesn’t seem to know where he wants that last leaf to go.  I could tell him where to put it but that would be inappropriate and he couldn’t hear […]

On Friends

Sometimes chance provides an opportunity to assess and evaluate what’s most important. Such was the case this last week when, through another friend, old friends from Ohio happened into my blog and, subsequently, onto our porch. There was ample wine, much laughter, even political chit-chat….and what fun it was. Later that night I got to […]

A Trip to the Cinema

For most people, going to the movies would not be an “alert the media” moment.  But, for us, it is. So.  Please.  Alert the media.   We actually went to a movie theater.  And stayed for the whole movie. It’s been years since that happened. See, one of is seriously allergic to the aroma, the vapors, […]

Leggo My Eggo

Actually, you can have my Eggo.  Just keep your mitts off my Sunday New York Times Crossword puzzle. Don’t touch it.  Don’t get near it.  Don’t even think about helping me with the clues.  There will be a price extracted for any of that.  Just ask anyone who’s been around me when that happens.  It’s […]