Candy as Metaphor

Sometimes you feel like a nut.

Sometimes you don’t.

I like Almond Joys.  Not Mounds.  In other words, I feel like a nut. 

That’s due somewhat to my taste in candy bars but more importantly to my relationship with word processors and printers.  Hence, the (very) broad-based candy reference.

Our first “word processor” was a manual typewriter (most likely an Underwood).  It had no backspace and I failed typing class.  As a result, there was always great angst, loud swearing and a considerable amount of wasted paper.

The next typewriter/word processor was electric (Corona, I think) but every time you hit the “x” it went on a rampage and wouldn’t stop until you pulled its plug.  Angst. Swearing.  Wasted paper. 

Number three was an early, very, very early, word processor.  A beta-product, if you will.  It was an Exxon Qyx.  Seriously! Anything but user friendly. More angst, swearing and wasted paper.

I never mastered the wretched, and ultimately ill-fated, Qyx and should have realized right then and there that the world was going to be clearly divided into two groups.  The technologically with-its and the not-so-with-its.

Now of course, there’s no paper to waste in our so-called paperless society.  But the level of angst and swearing have filled the gap so we’re right back where we started.

I still feel like a nut.