Dates and Appointments

I still use a paper calendar.  A month-at-a-glance thing.   It sits right in front of my computer and yes, I know that if I were “with it,” I would keep all those dates, appointments, and birthdays on the computer.

The Mister does that.  He’s computer savvy.  He also forgets most of his dates, appointments and birthdays.

I’ve used the pretty Hilton Head calendar for years.  But the publisher started using fancy glossed paper and everything you write on it smudges.  Only a ball point pen doesn’t smudge and I don’t like ball point pens.  Oh, what to do?

As it happens, I recently ordered my outfit for next year’s Bluffton Christmas Parade from an on-line source and those nice people enclosed a free calendar with my purchase.   I tested it with my favorite pens and, oh joy, it doesn’t smudge.

But, here’s the best part.  Did you know that nearly every one of our 365 days in the year is special?  And not just because we’re here to experience it.

My new calendar alerts me to “National Cow Appreciation Day,” “ National Rubber Ducky Day,”  “Belly Laugh Day,” and “Drinking Straw Day,” and that’s all just in first week of January.

Towards the end of the month, we can enjoy “Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day,”  “World Penguin Day.” and “National Cream Filled Donut Day.”  I haven’t dared to venture into February yet.  It’s overwhelming.

The mind boggles with opportunities.  However, I’m afraid to let the calendar out of my sight.  There are people I know who might actually find cause to celebrate each and every one of those days and I don’t think I’m up to that.

Participation in The Bluffton Christmas Parade is already pushing me to my limits.  It is, however, clear that I will be ordering something…who knows what?….from this place again next year so that I will receive their calendar.

I want to be ready for “Backwards Day.”  I’ll send out a save-the-date notice so you can get ready, too.  Of course, I have no idea WHAT that is but at least we’ll know WHEN it is.  Information is power.   How we use it in this case is entirely irrelevant.