Dear Carolyn:

It’s been a while since I’ve written but since you’re ever-present in my life these days, I thought I’d send you a quick note.

During all the years we’ve known each other, you were always there to “save my bacon.”  I could list the many ways but that would take too long.

You might not remember….well, actually, I’m sure you don’t remember because you tend to forget…..but you gave me a kitchen timer many years ago.  I hope I expressed some gratitude at the time but, honestly, I wasn’t sure why you gave it to me.  I suppose you were trying to urge me to cook a bit more but we both knew that was unlikely.

But now I simply don’t know what I would do without that little timer.

I’m the one who’s forgetful these days so, without that loud ringing device, pots on the stove would boil dry, appointments would be missed, a quick nap would turn into a deep sleep and ruin the day.  It’s become my personal assistant.

The irony is not lost on me that you, Queen of Forgetting, are now making sure that I don’t.

Of course, the timer’s name is Carolyn.  I talk to you each time the thing goes off.  Most of the time I say a grateful “Thank you, Carolyn, whatever would I do without you?”

But there are those times I tell it/you to hush. Quit that ringing already.  I’m moving as fast as I can.

Whatever the case, I know you’re there for me.  And with me.

Saving my bacon.

Just like you always did.

Lordy, how I miss you.

Love, Sallie