The chickens are here!

They arrived last Frieday via Fed Eggs. Their delivery was delaid by the frigid temperatures of late.

I must confess I’m a little worried. The coop our neighbor built is quite salad but it’s out in the open and it wouldn’t be difficult to poach on the land and help yourself to an egg or two.

Shirredly, no one would be devilish enough to do that. My blood would boil over if that happened.

I guess omletting my imagination get carried away here. It’s easy to let your mind get a bit scrambled when you’re feeling protective about those precious little chickens.

But the good news is that they are indeed here now.   There will be time spent getting to know them, coddling them, patting their soft little feathers. When they finally go to their coop, they’ll all have names and personalities. We can hardly wait for the first egg to be laid.

So that’s my story, and I’m chickin’ to it.


PS. If you even remotely care, there are 16 really stupid puns in this thing. Two are a teensy bit obscure. There are no prizes. And I should probably be punished accordingly. Ooops…now there are 17.

PPS. I am almost, but not quite, desperate enough to say this is no yolk.