Gropes and Grabs.

Wow.  It’s everywhere these days.  Places we least expect it.  The groping and the grabbing.

I’d rather I didn’t have my own story but I do.

Mine was a social situation, not a political or a power-based one.   But, still, it caused a level of embarrassment and discomfort.

I’d see the offender coming my way at social occasions where I couldn’t say , “I’d rather you didn’t do that.”  Or even make a light-hearted comment by way of distraction.

In a way, while the behavior wasn’t welcomed, it was kind of flattering.  I talked to my spouse about it.  We agreed to ignore it as best we could. I certainly didn’t want to create a “scene.”   Or come off as some sort of offended prude.  So, I put up with it…..sort of.

The situation was really a mere annoyance, nothing more.  But it helped me understand the subtle ways that social “gropes and grabs” can escalate to something more.

While I’m not a member of the #Me,too movement, I’m certainly more understanding than I might have been without my own, albeit small, experience.

And I appreciate the opportunity to share that experience and my “educated” perspective on Sallie’s post today.

Yours truly,

The Mister.


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