Headlines from our Local Newspaper

 According to a recent article in the Island Packet, the staff of the town of Hilton Head has been asked to “define a garden shovel in legal terms.” Doesn’t that sound like a silly assignment?   Surely it’s a waste of time and taxpayer’s money.  Just imagine all those group outings to Lowe’s and Home Depot?  Measure here, weigh there?

It’s actually serious business and one we applaud and endorse.  You just have to dig underneath the headlines to understand its importance.

See, we’re all about our sea turtles.  Especially the newborns.  The hatchlings can easily get trapped in deep holes dug by big shovels as they take their inaugural journey from nest to sea.  Hilton Head has an outstanding program to help them on their way. One deep hole can undo a lot of good work.

But back to the headlines. I’m not at all sure why garden-sized shovels have a place at the beach to begin with.  Is this a macho thing?  My kid’s shovel is bigger than yours?  Our family’s hole is deeper than yours?  What happened to sweet little pails and sand scoopers?  No competition.   Just little hands playing in the sand.  The discussion of big shovels at our beaches should be fodder for discussion itself. 

So the not-so-silly task is worth all the time and effort it may take.  We’ll put our trust in the Town of Hilton Head to burrow deep down to the bottom of the matter.  One tiny scoop of sand at a time.