He’s Back!

Please click on the picture for a full image of Twiggy


He’s been in the basement for several years.  Now he’s back in the spotlight.

For many years, he’d been replaced by a fancier, more life-like, fluffier, fake Christmas tree. We’d decorate that fake tree to the hilt, hang everything we could on its fake limbs.  We’d bend those wiry(fake) limbs every which way to make them prettier. That fake tree was really quite lovely but I never fell in love with it.

On the other hand, I fell in love with Twiggy the moment I saw him.  Probably 30 years ago.  He was at a garden shop in Dayton, his arms proudly displaying all their beautiful and unique Christmas ornaments.  My heart went pitter-patter.  He was the ONE.

I asked the clerk if I could buy the tree and he said the tree wasn’t for sale.  He also said it wasn’t a tree.  It was just a prop for ornaments.  Come on, I said.   Everything has a price.  Strip him down and let me have him.  After much haggling and curiosity as to why I would even want Twig, we took him home.

Now, after those many years of enforced hibernation, the Twig is back with us.  In the living room. In all his flawed and (mostly) misunderstood glory.

He has a certain political correctness about him.  He tilts, or leans, left or right, depending on how you set him up.  He’s transparent.  He doesn’t have many limbs and what limbs he has are sparse and you can see right through them.   He’s ecologically correct, requiring no fertilizer or energy of any sort.

As a Christmas tree, however, he’s seriously flawed.  He’s not green.  His needles don’t droop or drop. There’s no delicious pine aroma about him.  He’s scraggly and lopsided.  He is, basically, a six-foot twig.  We love him.

Even the Mister agrees that if you’re not a real tree, you might as well really not be a real tree.  Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

We’re happy to have him back.  I think he’s happy too.  All is well.