How sweet it is.

Revenge, that is.  It sits so gently on the tongue.

I’m a cross-word puzzle person.  Our local paper carries the New York Times and the Universal puzzles. I’ve always enjoyed both.  Until today.

This morning, one of the down clues in the Universal puzzle was: “Any great-grandmother.”   Well, I’m one of those, twice over, and I wondered what on earth the answer would be.  It was an 8 letter word.

I could think of many definitions for that clue so I was curious when I discovered the first letter was “O.”  I got concerned when the second was “L”.   I went ballistic when the third was “D”.   This was definitely going nowhere good.

In fact, the full answer was OLDWOMAN!   Okay, we’re usually sort of old, at least older than the mother or grandmother in that instance.  But a good answer to that clue?   No, no, no and no.  We are so much more.

I took myself to Google and searched the name of the puzzle constructor.  He was going to hear from me and it was apt to be harsh.

But, oh, Joy and Happiness.    I was avenged as I discovered he’s recently been dismissed from the Universal puzzle staff for plagiarism!   I can think of another reason for dismissal but plagiarism did the job.

Now I can happily continue my morning puzzling routine knowing that there won’t be any more ugly surprises like that one.

How sweet it is.



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