We all make them.  Big ones, little ones, well-considered ones, spur of the moment ones. Everything we do, ultimately, is an investment of one sort or another, to one degree or another.

We invest our money, hoping for the best.   Sometimes, the result’s great.  Other times, well, not so great.  We chalk our mistakes up to errors of judgment, a good idea gone bad, a volatile market, poor timing, the rain.  We come up with excuses. But, in the end, we own the loss and we move on. There’s no choice.

Interestingly, the most valuable and worthwhile investments require no money at all.  They’re the ones we make in the name of friendship. Those investments take time, energy, thought, care, give and take, ebb and flow.   But no money.  Not a red cent.

So, perhaps, because of that, when those personal investments go south, they’re just that much more difficult to understand.   We ask ourselves: “What the heck happened there? We sure didn’t see that coming.”

There’s no insurance policy, no 60-day-guaranteed-satisfaction-or-your-money-back- clause, no redress, no profit and loss statement.  The only thing we know for sure is we’re missing a pound of flesh and a chunk of heart.

But if the investments are good ones, financial or otherwise, they can hit bottom and pop back up.  Stronger than ever.   All doesn’t have to be lost.

We just have to wait and see.