Let Me Count the Ways…

A friend who knows me pretty well is redoing the operative parts of  her kitchen. She’s wisely gathering data from the Internet and from her friends before she makes her new purchases.  She called to ask my opinion on one of her considerations.

Her question for me was: “Do you like your oven?”

Let me count the ways that I cannot answer that question in any helpful manner.

But friends don’t “dis” friends.  So I shared.

First off, I don’t like the fact that it actually exists and/or works.

Second: It takes up space that could be used to house other things.  Like wine or sweaters.

Three:  Any dish that goes in it will inevitably come out dirtier than when it went in.

Four:  A turned-on oven suggests we have scuttled whatever plans (or hopes) we had to eat elsewhere.

I had more to share but at this point my friend had lost interest in my perspectives and taken herself off to Lowe’s.

Too bad.  I had some really nice things to say about my wine-cooler.  And my ice maker.  Maybe she’ll call back.  I sure hope so.


Image of oven actually being used thanks to Unsplash.com