Me and My Blog Site

Yes, I have a site for this blog.  We wouldn’t be together right now if I didn’t.  But that doesn’t mean that I understand anything about its inner workings.

 To wit:  I scrolled down into unknown territories the other day and found the following:

“Yoast SEO has not fetched your site’s indexability status from RYTE.”

Well, now.  Should I be happy?  Worried?  Scared?  Curious?  Alarmed?  Offended?

 I decided to parse the sentence.  I quite like the word “fetch.”  It conjures up my West Virginia heritage.  As in: “I’ll fetch the paper.” Or: “We fetched that old dawg from the pound.”

I still don’t know why Yoast or SEO haven’t fetched my indexability.   More to the point, I don’t know what my indexability is and why it matters.  See, that’s what concerns me.  

 Somebody knows something that I don’t.  A lot of people know things that I don’t know.  That’s not new.  I just sort of wish I knew what it was that they know that I don’t.

I suppose it’s a bit like a party that everyone’s been invited to but me.  I don’t necessarily want to go to the party but I sure wish I’d been invited.  

Image of equally confused being – courtesy of