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She was given to me by a friend over twenty years ago.  She’s intended to be a personal health-aid.  When something hurts, you stick a pin in that part of her medically-encyclopedic body and abracadabra!!  It’s gone!

She came equipped with ten pins.  At the time, I wondered how on earth I could ever use that many.  “Really?”  I thought.  “What was my friend thinking?  Only a hypochondriac could come up with that many aches and pains.”

Fast forward twenty years.  The poor little thing has become a veritable pincushion.

Through the years, she’s been forced to undergo a few additions and corrections.  She’s been altered to specifications, if you will.  Her pains; my pins.  Too many of both.

Her edges are now frayed, just like mine.  Her muscles have gone saggy, like mine.  Her joints ache, like mine.  Even her stuffing’s a bit lumpy,  just like mine.

She’s my new best friend.  I think she likes me, too.  We commiserate and heal each other.

After all, friends stick together.