Our Opinions

We thought we mattered.  That we were valued members of the family. That our feelings and opinions were worthy of consideration.

Apparently, we were wrong.  We were neither informed nor consulted regarding this most recent move. 

We don’t like change. 


End of discussion. 

They knew that but they went right ahead and did it anyway.

And this is the result:

Nothing smells like it’s supposed to.

Nothing is where it should be.

Our cat-space, our special comfort zone, isn’t the same as it was. 

Our sun-spots aren’t where they used to be.

Some of our furniture is missing.  Notably, that nice grey upholstered chair one of us destroyed.  Quite artfully, we thought.

The kitchen counters look and feel different.  They’re shiny.  Slippery. The old ones weren’t.

Even the water tastes funny.

Change sucks.  That’s our opinion and we’re making sure they understand it.  Bit by bit; day by day.  It could get ugly.  We’ll just have to see.