Sign(age)s of Age

No, I’m not talking about wrinkles, creases, sags, and bags.

I’m talking about sturdy old houses, acknowledged for their role in Bluffton’s history.

The Bluffton Historical Preservation Society has recently finished a sterling and thorough job of identifying and dating all the historical buildings that exist in Old Town Bluffton.   And it has generously awarded each its own handsome sign.

I walk past several of those houses every morning.  Many date back into the 1800’s.  One even to 1795. I admire their longevity, their stateliness, their beauty.   Oh, sure, they’ve had a little “work” done.  Wouldn’t you if you were that old?

There is, however, more than one house on that registry that was built as recently as 1940.  Now, that’s getting dangerously close to my own date of birth.

It makes me wonder…

Am I “of historical significance?”

Should I sport a sign so everyone would know exactly when I was built?

Will people take pictures of me?

Do they comment on how well preserved I am, especially given my age?

Does anyone note that my shutters are slightly off center?

The mere thought of all that is quite sobering.

It calls for a stiff drink or two, a  little “work,” and definitely a celebration.

After all, just like those sturdy old houses in Bluffton, I’m still standing.