Spittin’ Mad

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That’s what I am.  I’m spittin’ mad.

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see a charming little “rock garden” planted by the children of our near-by elementary school.  It’s right on the sidewalk so I get to see it every day when I walk by.

The garden bloomed about a week ago, filled with 50 or so rocks, painted by the children.  Sweet messages, pretty colors.

If you look at the picture again, you’ll also see a sign.  It encourages passers-by to “take a rock, share a rock, leave a rock.”

People have indeed “shared”and “taken” a rock.  Unfortunately, no one has “left” one.  Thus the little garden grows smaller by the day.  And that made me mad.  Spittin’ mad.

I took my ill-tempered self directly to the school, ready to take umbrage on the part of the children, scrounge up a new supply of rocks by myself, and stand guard over the garden if necessary.

After I settled down and took a moment to listen, I learned that the rock garden is a country-wide art project and the rocks are indeed meant to be “taken and shared.”  The kids are thrilled with the response of their visitors and they’re eager to replace and refurbish the little garden.  In their minds, the project is a home-run.

So, my mad turned into glad.  That’s a good thing.

But I’m left with the task of having to do a little attitudinal work on myself.  Perhaps in the way of not jumping to conclusions quite so fast?

Maybe I’ll pop down to the school and take a rock from the garden.  I think they’re “planted” just for people like me.

And, I’ll be sure to leave one, too.