The New York Times Book Review

As one who enjoys reading, I look forward to my NYT Book Review every Sunday.  I always start at the back and move, slowly and carefully, to the front.

A couple weeks ago, I came across some titles which piqued my interest, especially given our political climate.

One title I spotted was: “What’s The Big Deal About Elections?”  I think I know the answer to that but other opinions are always welcome.

Another was: “Bold and Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won Women The Right To Vote.”  As an old feminist, that appealed to me.

Then there was: “What Can A Citizen Do?”   An important question in these times….or any time for that matter.

And finally, there was: “Unpresidented: A Biography of Donald Trump.”  Well, now.

So, I said to myself:  “That all sounds like pretty heavy stuff.  Do I really want to take that on?  What happened to my penchant for easy-in, easy-out mysteries?”

Upon closer inspection, I realized I was reading the Children’s Books section. All those books are for ages 4 to 8.  Some of them nicely illustrated.  Always a plus. So, I think I can handle that, but, more importantly,  I’m hoping they might give me some insights into what our children are reading….and learning.…these days.

From little acorns, great oaks grow.  Let’s see what’s being sown.