The Ubiquitous Key Caddy

Who doesn’t have one?  A bowl, dish, or basket that sits inside the back door?  Ready for car keys and house keys.  They fill to overflowing without our noticing.  Who throws away keys? 

A few days ago, we decided to sort through our own messy collection.  Most of them were mystery keys.  And so out they went.

But as we dug deeper down into the bowl, we discovered many, very nicely labeled, keys to friend’s houses. They were given to us so we could have access to their houses while they were away.  To feed their pets, water plants, gather mail and newspapers, and so forth.  It warmed the cockles of our hearts to realize that we’d been deemed key-worthy by so many.  And we’d like to thank all those friends for putting their trust in us.

At the same time, we’d also like to say how much we continue to enjoy those little items that just happened to find a way from their houses into ours.  Everybody knows that an empty house is ripe for the picking.  Especially when you have the key to the front door.

There was that bottle of excellent red wine.  They drank Scotch.  They wouldn’t miss it in a million years.

The little pottery bowl I’d always lusted after?  I’m sure they thought they’d just misplaced it.

That little tchotchke their daughter-in-law gave them several years ago?  We knew they didn’t like it but didn’t have the heart to pitch it.  We simply enabled the inevitable.

And yet, people still give us keys.   Should you ever need our services, just let us know.  We have superb, if not always thoroughly vetted, references.