This is not a joke.

This is an actual event.  I was there and besides there’s no way you can make this stuff up.

Not long ago, five friends walked into a restaurant.  They were lunching to celebrate the birthdays of two of them.

The two birthday girls remembered to bring cards for each other.

The three un-birthday girls forgot to bring cards for the two birthday girls.

The card exchange was swift.  Each birthday girl opened her card and thanked the other for remembering her special day.  They then showed their respective cards to one another.  (One could speculate as to why they did that but there’s little to be gained from it.)

One commented that she had especially liked the card she had just given the other and had carefully held it in reserve for this very occasion.

The other one looked at the card she had just given the other and said….and I quote:  “This is a really cute card.  I bought one just exactly like it two days ago.”

Think about it.

Maybe you had to be there.

Or maybe you just need a few more birthday notches on your belt so you could enjoy that (senior) moment as much as we did.