The Mister and I like to do things together.  That’s  good  because we’ve been married for a really long time.

Just recently, we went, together, to the brand new superstore not far from home.  One of us was very excited about a great sale on our favorite wine.  The other one had nothing better to do than tag along.

The store was freezing and the wine department was way, way in the back. One of us was happy because big savings were within reach; the other one was really cold and not happy about anything.

One of us bought a whole case of wine and had a nice long chat with the wine manager.  The other one was twitching about, trying in vain to get warm.

Together, we went through the check-out counter.  One of us marveled at the amount we’d saved.  The other was sure that death-by-freezing was imminent.

So consumed were we, each with our own issues, that, together, we forgot our purchase.

When we got home we wisely decided to quit with all that togetherness stuff.

One went, a tad bit grumpily, back to the store for the wine.

The other went, blissfully, to soak in a hot bath.