Treats… tricks.



We’ve felt since the beginning of our time in this house that there were spirits here. We’ve not known who they were, what they had in mind for us or, just in general, why they were here. They are welcoming spirits….of that I am sure. I think they know why we are here and they appreciate it. Even spirits like to be warm in the winter and I like it that way too, so we get along pretty well.


We have a piece of art in the kitchen which is new since we’ve lived here. It’s so perfect for the spot and we admire it every day. The artist was in town recently and we invited her to come and see where it was hanging. She walked in the house and stopped dead in her tracks. Couldn’t have cared less about her art. She needed to tell us about the spirits in the house. She sensed them immediately. It seems there was an elderly woman who died in the house and she’s still here.


She also told us that there’s also an adolescent girl who’s hanging out. We traversed the house: living rooms, closets, attics, bathrooms. She told us where the child had stayed and that she had left some toys here, most likely in the little knee-hole attic.


That evening we were having a drink with our neighbor who lived in this house for many years with her parents. She knows every inch of this house. I was telling her about the visit from the artist/psychic that day and that she had sensed a woman who had died here and was still making her presence known. Without skipping a beat, our neighbor asked “And did she mention the adolescent girl?”


Goose bumps, anyone??