Who doesn’t love two-fers?

Talenti is our new favorite two-fer.  Buy that yummy, refreshing, tantalizingly-tart, many-flavored gelato, and get an adorable little plastic see-through container and snug-fitting lid.

That’s all good except for one little issue.  Our addiction to the gelato hasn’t stopped.    The little jars, however, have become a problem.  While there’s no such thing as too much gelato, the same cannot be said of the jars.

The mister’s workshop is overrun with them.   Screws, bolts, nails…all  visibly and neatly organized.

Same for the kitchen.   M and M’s, small round cookies, peanuts, cashews, raisins.

Pantry, bathrooms, desks.  All organized.  Many for the first time in their lives.

The house runneth-over with cute little jars.  Enough may, indeed, be too much.

What do to?  I hate tossing them.  It seems ecologically incorrect.  And I certainly don’t want to buy more things that could nicely fit into them.  That seems wrong-headed.

So I save them. The stash grows.  And grows.

No solution is apparent.

But, as I write this….I’ve had an idea.  Perhaps art classes or shop classes at our schools might like some of those jars.  I’ll look into it.  I hope it works.  It means we can continue our love affair with Talenti gelato, the little jars get a second life and the schools benefit.

Sounds like a three-fer to me.