“Watch With Winston”

Winston has over 250,000 faithful Tik-Tok followers who hang on every moment of Winston as he watches his favorite movies. 

Winston’s not into just any old movies.  He has a strong preference, if not a singular focus, for doggy movies.  Movies like Old Yeller,  Lassie,  Lady and the Tramp.   We all like to identify with what we see on the big and little screen and Winston is no exception. 

Winston is a Bea-bull.  In doggy world, that translates to a beagle/bull-dog mix.  Winston was a rescue puppy, adopted by our granddaughter and her husband.  Shortly after he came home, he developed a serious canine-pneumonia.  Bed rest was required to heal him. The question was how to get a puppy to “bed-rest.”

They settled him in with lots of warm blankets and stuffed animals.  They popped some popcorn, put Lassie on the computer screen and, unknowingly, got him hooked on movies.  They also created a Tik-Tok star. 

Winston’s followers love to watch him as he watches the ups and downs, the glad, the sad, the mundane and the exceptional stories of the dogs’ lives.  You see it in his face, in his eyes as he tears up, in his throat as he gulps.  All the while snacking on popcorn.  There’s one exception.  He’s not allowed to watch the ending of Old Yeller.  Wise decision. Old Yeller meets an unfortunate end and there’s no need to bother Winston with that.

There’s something about Winston that would have appealed to my old icons, Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers. He’s obviously sweet and loving. So, let him take you into the world of Tik-Tok, if for just a moment. He’s sure to tickle (or tockle) your fancy.

Click on this to “watch with Winston” for a couple of minutes.