You’ve Got Mail…

Or maybe you don’t. It all depends.

Am I the only one who’s not surprised at the resurgence of the chain letter?  It seems an obvious way to reach out and touch someone.   Anyone.  Isolation and boredom are strong incentives to do just that.

A good friend sent me a chain letter just this last week.  It didn’t ask for money; it didn’t threaten to take my first child if I didn’t respond; it didn’t tell me that I was a bad person if I ignored it.  It was a simple request to share a poem or meditation.  

I declined the offer in spite of the possibility of receiving some hopeful and encouraging words from across the country.  We were a “little busy” on the homefront at the time. I just wasn’t up to responding in any meaningful way.  

But, the memories of chain letters live on.  And they are fond memories. Of course, that was back when chain letters were real letters.   Written on real paper, sealed in real envelopes, with real stamps on them.  Pens and pencils in evidence.  Usually written in not-so-legible cursive.  Return addresses on the envelope so you could write back.  I found all that to be comforting and fun.  Especially as an only child.

Now, it’s all on-line, so the aura has faded.  At least for me.  

However, I‘ve heard about one chain letter out there that I wish someone would send me. Reportedly, it would ask me to draw an orange and send it on to five people whom I know and adore.   If I DON’T send it on, I’ll be visited by a ghost!  This very evening!. At the stroke of midnight!

Now, some may see that at that as a threat. But if I understand this correctly, and I think I do, all I have to do is absolutely nothing and a ghost will visit.  I can hardly wait.