A Cautionary Tale.

I took a bit of a fall last week.  In the quick but seemingly endless process of going down, I wondered how it was going to end.  After all, when we get to a certain age, “Fall” is the ultimate F-word.

When I went down, I went down backwards.  At risk were legs, hips, shoulders, spine and head.  Some level of damage seemed inevitable.  But once I landed, I realized I was fine.  I was still intact and able to move all body parts.

Here’s the cautionary tale part:  my saving grace was due to regular exercise and core strengthening.  Guided by a good, patient and knowledgeable trainer.  And one with a great sense of humor.  Laughter, as we know, is the best medicine.

Yes, it takes money, it takes time and it’s not always fun.  It is, however, worth every penny, every minute and every “I’d rather be doing something else” moment.

For the last couple of years, planks, lunges, weights and squats have become part of my life.  I still don’t care a whit for a single one of those things but I accept the fact I don’t have to always like what’s good for me.

I’m the first to admit that I’m ever-so grateful when the hour of exercise/work is over.  But now I have the scars…or rather the LACK of scars and/or broken bones….to prove its value.  

So, try as I might, and I’ve tried very, very hard, I can’t refute the evidence.   It’s that simple.