A Slight Change of Pace.

There’s a lot…..maybe too much…… going on in the world right now.  It all deserves our attention and our thoughts . But we recently decided to take a break from all that  and we’re very glad that we did.

During that hiatus, we streamed two perfectly wonderful shows.  Both took us into wildly different worlds and rewarded us for doing so.

The first show was “Unbelievable.”   Produced by Katie Couric, it relates the true story of a serial rapist and how he met his match through the unwavering dedication of two indomitable female detectives. 

The two cops were initially oil and water to each other.  How could they ever work together, we wondered?  But work together, they did.  They decided to make absolutely certain that not even one more woman would suffer at the hands of this cruel man.  Nailing him became their sole focus. 

The show took us step by step, misstep by misstep until…….   Well, you’ll just have to see for yourselves.  I don’t want to give it away.

The second show was “The Burial,“ starring one of my favorites actors Tommy Lee Jones and a  brand new favorite, Jamie Foxx.

Like “Unbelievable” it’s a true story and it has it all.  Courtroom scenes, potential financial and societal ruin, racial issues and persistence.  Oh, and laughs.  Lots of those.  And, no, I won’t spill any beans here either.  Just watch and enjoy.

Both shows were ultimately about commitment.   About doing one’s best, no matter how hard or tough the going got.  And, finally about the value of working together despite vastly different approaches.

Our recommendation:  Take a break from the news.  Go for a slight change of pace.  Just like we did.  There’s nothing to be lost and, perhaps, much to be gained.