An Ode To CaringBridge

I have a love/hate relationship with CaringBridge.   I’m grateful when a new CaringBridge notice arrives in the mail. But then I fear it may not bring good news.

CaringBridge, for the uninitiated, is a site where friends and family can keep up with those who are ill.   I am, currently and once again, following Julia Reichert, film maker and Oscar winner, through CaringBridge.  Her work/life partner, Steve Bognar, keeps us posted as she, once again, struggles with cancer.  This is her third round with the damn disease and the third time Steve has kept so many of us in the loop through the site.

Steve is a wonderful writer.  He brings Julia’s friends from afar into the turmoil that they, the family and near-by friends, are living day to day.  It’s not easy but he “bridges” the fear, the possibilities and the realities with grace and, yes, humor.  He puts us in the front seat of the roller-coaster, giving us hope but making sure we also understand how scary this is.

CaringBridge, it seems to me, is the best of all web sites.  It’s usually restricted “by invitation only.” It has no tolerance for voyeurism or idle nosiness.  

I can’t say enough about the site and its purpose. But this is not an advertisement!  It’s just the place where a lot of my psychic energy is these days. And since it’s my blog…….well, you understand.