And There They Sit.

My barbells.  My cute little pink barbells.  So dainty and lady-like.

They’re right there on the floor, next to the sofa.  Each weighs a mere two pounds.  I could easily pick one up while I’m watching television.  Or reading my Kindle.  Do a few reps here and there.  Watch those crepe-like crinkles on my arms melt away.  Poof! Just like that!

What could be easier? 

I ask myself that question every day.  Several times a day in fact, as I walk past them.   And I agree with myself that it would be ever-so easy to do just that.  

But, instead those little suckers just sit there.   And sit.  And sit.  

They remain untouched.  Unmoved.  Unused.  They’ve become permanent fixtures.   Floor art, if you will.

There’s absolutely no good reason not to take advantage of them and their obvious benefits. There is, however, one very important reason and it’s the only one that counts:  I simply don’t want to.