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My Three Felons

There were three of them, born within three years of each other to a mother who was clueless. Naturally, you would assume that they turned to a life of crime.   You would be right. Let’s begin with the middle one. (So many things began with the middle one!) Many years ago, he was picked up […]

I have achieved perfection!

Well, with the exception of two jarring items. Those would be the jar of pickles and the jar of ketchup. Otherwise, my refrigerator has nothing but white things in it. That’s exactly the way I like it. Yogurt, cream cheese, butter, pasta, a little chicken salad, a round of Brie, some extra-creamy Redi-whip. Freezer’s the […]

The Dark Side of Life on the May

Just when I thought I’d run out of things to write about, the Hilton Head Island Packet delivered an inspirational care package. Perhaps you, who live here, saw the article I’m referring to in the Crime Reports section earlier this summer. It concerned an altercation at Brighton Beach between a tattooed-man and an un-tattooed-man. We […]

You can’t go back.

I mean it. You really can’t go back. We tried to do just that, recently, for a special wedding anniversary. It did not go well and that may be an understatement. We knew there had been major changes made to the lovely place where we’d met, knew it had gotten quite fancy, had put on […]

His and Hers

We’ve been married for many years. There are things on HIS side of the closet that have been there for every one of those many years. And I know for a fact that there were things that came with him…sort of like a dowry but not really…..with an edge of age and patina already on […]

Wish You Were Here

The day before yesterday was just a regular Friday with a regular trip from Bluffton to the Island for a regular afternoon bridge game. Except it wasn’t. Regular, that is. I always listen to NPR on my way across the bridges and last Friday afternoon was no different. But what an extraordinary and exceptional little […]

My Nook.

Here’s the cozy spot in this old house on The May where I have so much fun. (Click on the image above and you’ll see my nook in its entirety.)  The cubbies hold all my papers…pretty cards, fun stationery, cookbooks (which remain unopened), all kinds of colorful pens and pencils. A friend’s painting of a […]

We try.

We really do try to lead a peaceful, law-abiding life. One that doesn’t rattle any cages or ruffle any feathers. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. See there’s an animal that’s living in our yard making strange crop-like circles in the pine straw and grass and we think it’s an armadillo but […]

A Memoir

It seems everyone’s doing it these days. Writing a memoir, that is. You know.…spill the family beans. Air the dirty laundry. It would seem that having been physically or emotionally abused is a requisite for writing a memoir….at least if you expect it to sell. So, let me confirm, in these opening words, that I […]

A Model Prisoner

When the youngest of our boys reached the age of 7, I knew I had to get out of the house, had to go back to work….at least part-time. I got really lucky. In front of my very eyes appeared an opportunity to start an organization to help women return to the work-force.   So I […]

Parts is parts.

I just put away my winter stuff to make room for summer stuff and wondered, yet again, why jeans and tee shirts fill my closet. I think I finally figured it out. And I put the blame squarely on my three sons. You see, when they were first driving, we wanted them to have safe […]

Please Meet Ann

Ann is a long-time friend from Dayton. She’s always the star of a party whether as guest or hostess. Well, let me back up on that hostess thing for just a second here. No issues as far as having fun. That was always a given. But things can happen in Ann’s kitchen that are inexplicable […]

Just One Too Many Uh,Oh’s

Once upon a time, we had decided to become glider pilots.   We would buy a two seater glider, spend our Sundays blissfully aloft, guided only by soft clouds and thermals. Far above the madding crowd. No cars, no people, no noise. Just the two of us. Swaying and swinging in the gentle breezes. Sun warming […]

Lost. And Found.

I love socks. Always have. I have “popsicle toes” so socks help.  Golf socks. Knee socks. Bobby socks. Doesn’t matter. I don’t discriminate. I love them all. My favorite shopping web site is www.joyofsocks.com The colors, the designs, the craziness.   Almost too much to bear. But I manage. Quite well, actually. And, oh, how I […]


David DiBenedetto from Garden and Gun magazine says that dog people are the best kind of people. He’s welcome to his opinion but them’s hissin’ words if ever I heard ‘em. He’s can take a swat at me but there’s an insinuation regarding my cats in that statement that I don’t like. At all. I’d […]