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Barbie: The Movie

All the hoopla has raised questions for us. Do we go to the movie? And, if we go, will we actually see the movie? Answers: We’re definitely going to the movie.  Whether we actually see the movie it is another matter. Entirely. We’ve not been to the movies in well over a decade.  The Mister […]


We don’t migrate but we know many who do.  Friends seek cooler climes in summer and warmer ones in winter.  Just like birds.  The difference is that our migrations are optional. The birds’ migrations?   Their very lives depend on it. Our migrators can expect to find their other homes intact when they arrive.  Perhaps their […]

Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My!

From The Wizard of Oz, of course.  Apparently, the words are meant to express awe and apprehension regarding the presence, combination or abundance of three particular things. So, how about Splinters, Zits and Whiteheads. Oh My!. They, too, express awe and apprehension and they all scream for extraction. Splinters are easy.  A sharp needle, alcohol […]

This Blog Isn’t My Fault.

It’s Google’s fault.  I asked it a simple question and it sent me down a rabbit hole.  This is the result. The words “the center does not hold” recently caught my attention.  To better understand their intent, I turned, of course, to Google. The first reference was to William Butler Yeats’ poem “The Second Coming” […]

The Fourth of July

Except for its importance in our history, I could do nicely without the Fourth of July holiday. We are expecting over 100,000 visitors in and out of our airport this weekend.  In addition, untold numbers of cars, vans and pick-up trucks will also come here to celebrate.  All headed to our beaches, our restaurants, our […]

A Phatal Attraction.

That would be me and my IPhone.   I don’t like the thing and it knows it. It is, after all, a smart phone.  But life these days demands that we have a uniquely intimate relationship with our phones.  We’re meant to be phriends, if not lovers.  I phind there to be a certain phrenetism between […]

It’s Just Wrong.

The top female pickleball player in the US is 16 years old.   As the old saying goes: “There oughtta be a law.” She shouldn’t be allowed to buy a pickleball racquet, let alone set foot on a court.  She’s way too young. Doesn’t she know that pickleball’s a sport for older folk who fiercely play […]

It’s Spartina Time!

Are you ready????  Do you have your entry ticket to the Spartina Warehouse Sale? Are your travel plans mapped out and is your parking spot staked out? Is your protective gear in order?  Your helmet, your metatarsal shoes, your shin guards? You’ll need all the above and more to survive.  Remember that 6,000 equally bargain-crazed […]

The Kingston Trio.

Oh, how we loved The Kingston Trio.  They were doing their thing and singing their songs during a very happy period in our lives.  Way back when the children were little, we’d tuck them into bed, pour ourselves a scotch and soda, put a Kingston Trio album on the record player and mellow out.  I […]

The Skin-Check

We all do it regularly in this part of the country.  We live where the sun shines more than it doesn’t and it pays to get a skin scan every year.  We’ve both escaped needles and knives to date but one never knows what’s lurking on one’s body until one sees the dermatologist. We had […]

What If?

As hard as it may be, pretend for a minute that you were being harassed, verbally abused or threatened by an on-line stalker.  How would you know if he (gender assumption) plans to do you physical harm or is just messing with your head? You need help, advice, support.  This is not something that you […]

Good Grief!

I really don’t get it.   All I know, for sure, is this:  each and every time the lot of you get together, we end up with problems.     It doesn’t even have to be a big gathering    Just ten or twelve of you are sufficient to incite misadventure.  When there are more, it becomes epic. […]

Hail, Hail. The Gang’s All There.

Yep, they’re all right down there at Disney World. Happily, joyfully, doing their thing and bringing smiles to visitors’ faces. We have the Mouses:. Sweet little Mickey and Minnie.  Then there’s Donald Duck, Tinker Bell, Eeyore and Ursala.  There’s Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, Piglet, and Winnie the Pooh. Simba, Jiminy Cricket and Tinker Bell, too. […]

I Am Such a Wimp.

Every week, twice a week, a young man appears at our house. Unannounced. He opens the door, steps right in, calls out a cheery hello and makes himself at home.  He assumes I’m happy to see him.  Hah!  Little does he know. Then, and with very little prologue, he starts giving orders!  To me!  In […]


I’m the first to admit that the F-word lives right on the tip of my tongue.  And while I try to contain it, it has a way of escaping.  I wish it weren’t so but it’s an old habit and they’re so hard to break. I may, however, have finally reached that “breaking” point. Our […]