Children Will Be Children…

No matter how old they are. 

They color outside the lines.  They walk when the sign says stop.  They eat dessert first.  They sneak cookies in the dark.

Let’s just say that The Mister still has a fair amount of child in him.  That’s usually a good thing but there are those times….. 

To wit:  When I came downstairs on New Year’s morning, he, somewhat sheepishly, announced that his throat “felt funny.”

The adult in me quickly ran down the list of possibilities.  Covid?  Probably not.  A winter cold?  Maybe but he usually gets the sniffles first.  Dry throat?  Here. Have a lemon drop.

Still feels funny?  Yes, apparently it did and with that my worst fears were confirmed.  It was obvious that he had eaten a cookie.  Further, he ate it in the dark.  That’s not really a problem for most of us but it is for him. Especially on New Years day when emergency rooms and urgent care facilities are overwhelmed by one thing or another.

The cookie, in the light of day, showed small but discernable bits of sesame seeds. As above, that’s not a problem for most of us, but it is for him.  And he knows it.  He’s anaphylactically (deathly) allergic to sesame seeds.  And is not very good about keeping the epi-pen ( lifesaving device) up to date. 

Ooops.  Now what to do now?

Fortunately, some children’s Benadryl, found in the back of a drawer, only slightly out of date and taken in large doses, got us through the potential crisis.  I shouldn’t make fun of this.  I know that. It’s anything but funny.  It’s scary. 

I just have to accept the fact that the child in him is always going to sneak a cookie in the dark.  As a result, the adult in me just has to be more vigilant.  And therein lies my New Years resolution.