Dear Dr. Rushdie:

First, let me say I sincerely hope you’re continuing to recover from the atrocious attack on your life. We know you’ve lived your life on the edge.  You’re accustomed to disagreement and the potential for danger, wherever you go. With that in mind, I wouldn’t have been surprised if this had happened in a third world country.  Or, frankly, in any country where your world-view is not appreciated or understood. 

But here!  In the United States! And at the Chautaugua Institution, of all places!  It simply takes one’s breath away.

We’ve been to the Chatauqua Institution.  The Mister and I.  We know, first hand, how wonderful it is. When you enter the campus, you’re surrounded by peace and serenity. It’s in the air. Residents and guests are there to explore, think, share and grow.  All due to the Institution’s respect for free speech and independent thought.  Differences are not only welcomed; they’re encouraged.  Discourse is part of the deal.  Violence is not.

The karma of the Institution has been damaged.  By one man.  And you’ve been deeply wounded.  By the same man.  I hope both you and the Institution recover in full. The paths may not be easy.  But you’re strong.  Both of you.  And you, each of you, still have so much work to do.

With best regards from Life on the May.