“Demonstrations marking 1-year anniversary of Capital Insurrection set in Beaufort Co.”

The above was the headline in the Island Packet, January 6, 2022. We’ll see what happens as the day goes on.

The Early Report:

Your faithful reporter is on the job and will be reporting as events unfold from the demonstrations mentioned above.  She’ll be in close contact with her source during the day to keep you abreast of the activities.

Afternoon Update:

We, in the press, have just learned that the crowd is currently gathering in front of the now defunct Steinmart.  (Editorial note: We deeply mourn the demise of Steinmart. They always had SOMETHING you simply couldn’t live without. But I digress). My source is registering and being prepped in the unlikely chance that the group will be challenged or heckled.  We’ve been told that there are a couple of security measures in place and many, many lawyers are expected.   Some of us are comforted by this; others not-so-much.

Evening Wrap-up:

My source has returned from the event and is enjoying a glass of wine or two.  All went well apparently.  On the whole, the vigil was successful.

It’s my understanding that about 80% of the passersby who acknowledged the demonstration gave a friendly “thumbs-up” or a supportive toot-toot of the horn.   The other 20% offered the one-finger salute and some relatively untoward name-calling.   Both factions are entitled to their opinions, of course, and both have the freedom to express them without fear of retribution.  It’s called democracy.  Long may it live.

Reporter’s note:

My source was pleased with the rally and very glad he participated.  His family is proud of him for taking a stance in support of the vigil.  It was, all in all, a very good day.