Eight Years, Four Hundred and Twenty Posts….

And counting, I hope.

Who wouldda thunk it?  Life on the May, aka this little blog, has been around for eight years! 

When anyone asks what I write about, I still say “nothing.”   And I still get blank stares.  And most likely, no new readers.  After all, who wants to read about “nothing?”

Well, happily, there are those of you who do. Many of you have been there from the get-go.  Others have happily joined up along the way. I cannot fully express my thanks to each and every one of you.

I’m not alone in the creation of the blog. 

The Mister does all the interesting, imaginative and appropriate graphics.  Many are built from scratch, a talent he’s honed over the last eight years.

Our oldest son deals with the technical stuff, tolerates my ignorance of all things computer, and creates the most beautifully bound compilations of the blog each year, just for us.

And then there’s you.  Without you, there’d be no point. It would be like shouting at the wind and hearing nothing in return.  You are engaged, loyal and responsive readers and I am so honored to have you with me on Sundays.  We’ll carry on.  Together, I hope.