Everything Old Is…

New again? 

The with-it and up-to-date people are all about podcasts, which bring wonderful stories right to your home or car.  Just like a radio but newer. Open your iphone, buy an app, study the options, make a choice and voila!    An audio delight.  Right at your fingertips.  Sit back, listen, learn, enjoy.

We did just that recently when we took some quick trips up and back to Charleston, SC.  It was recommended that we listen to “S-town.”  It’s an NPR “This American Life” production. For four hours, our imaginations transported us into that tiny little town in Alabama, where remarkable people live and do remarkable things. The time and the miles flew by.

We’re not going back on the road any time soon but we still have three hours left on the podcast.  In our prior lives, it didn’t feel odd to curl up and listen to the radio, but now it feels a bit strange to sit and listen to an iphone.   

But, listen we will.  We need to hear how this podcast ends.  We need to know what will happen to all those people we’ve come to know, if not fully understand.  We’ve formed pictures of them in our minds and hearts, just as we did when we listened to the radio.

We highly recommend “S-town” for a rousing good time, some rugged language notwithstanding. It’s already been downloaded more than 90 million times. We’re a tad late to the party but, in our minds, better late than never.