Food for Thought

The over-used electronic world is one of my pet peeves.

I’ve said this before. Now, I’m certainly not against access to information, to education, to entertainment, to the world. Not at all.

My concern is that its obsessive use draws us away from conversation, from face-to-face interaction, from time together.

My feelings were recently echoed, I thought, by a contributor to one of our several local magazines. They’re well-done, glossy, pretty and frequently have articles of interest in them. One article in particular caught my eye a few months ago. It was entitled, “Unplugged.” How could I not happily dig into that?

The focus of this particular article was how to unplug from television. Kids watch way too much. And adults probably do, too. And if they’re not watching TV, they’re plugged into their electronics.

So, I’m on board with the writer. Reading every word with relish. You go, girl….tell it like it is, how you stop the addiction, how you counteract it.

Toward the end of the article, there was a list of things to do other than watch television.   Maybe 20 ideas or so.

And the very, very first suggestion, at the tippy-top of the list was “Have Sex.”

Oh, dear. I thought this was a family article. What happened?

Now, I know better than to elaborate on any of that. To go down that road.  So I’m going to leave you to ponder that all by your smart selves.

I will add that, with some level of fear and trepidation, I read the rest of her suggestions.

And the very, very last one, at the very bottom of the list, was: “Spend time with loved ones.”

Oh, my. Didn’t she start with that? Or am I just showing my age here?



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