Good News!


This article from The Island Packet from June 2, 2021 sites a woman, 35 years of age, who, after much research and study, finally determined that it was OK for her to get The Shot.  She studied reports, listened to all sides of the issue, peered into published journals and more. The newspaper credits her information-gathering effort as the impetus for her change in perspective.

Well, I’d put money on another reason for her willingness to stick out her arm and say yes. And it’s just one little word:  threats.  And I’d also be willing to put a little more money on that and say that those threats came from her parents.

We all know, as parents, that trying to persuade a child to do the right thing through calm and rational pleading has no chance of succeeding.  At all.  Ever. Period.  End of discussion.

But, thank goodness, we, as parents, also all know which buttons to push when we really need to get our way. And getting our families vaccinated is something we really want.

The threat of: “We’re sorry but you won’t be able to stay with us when you come to the beach this year” is a good example.  That one affects the whole family and has real meat on its bones.

The perhaps slightly-veiled threat of: “Alas. I guess we’ll have to miss Christmas with you and the kids” can also work quite well.  There are presents and money involved in that one.  Very toothsome.

And, now, if none of that works, it seems there’s beer. This bait comes directly from the White House. I never thought of beer as incentive but apparently there are those who do.

So, we’ve got a little blackmail on one hand; a little booze on the other. Whatever it takes is fine with me. Let’s just get it done.

Vaccination cartoon by Zdenek Sasek