Hail, Hail! The Gang’s All Here! 

It’s been over a year since we’ve gathered. So we’re ready for some fun!  Some adventure!  Some intrigue! 

We’ll cackle and laugh.  We’ll dine on wonderful, hearty, food.  Drink some good wine.

We’ll gossip, of course.  What’s the point of a gathering without gossip? 

And, quite naturally, there will be a murder.  We know that from the get-go.  We don’t know who, why, how or when but murder is just part and parcel of the whole thing.  We also know, most assuredly, that our resident detective will figure it out before we turn the last page.

Happily, I don’t need to pack a bag, drive a car or catch a plane to be with my old friends. I don’t even need to get out of bed.  I just click on my Kindle.

Louise Penney’s new book, A World of Curiosities, is just out. So I’m off to Three Pines, the little town central to her books. I’ll totally immerse myself with the residents I’ve come to know and love through the years.  I’ll only be gone a couple of days. I’m a fast reader.

I believe escapism is good for the soul.   I’ll come back refreshed and energized, as always.   Maybe you’ll join me in Three Pines.  I can introduce you to the townsfolk. You’ll like them. I can promise you that.