Hanging By a Thread

We had no idea that something as delicate and nearly invisible as a thread could rule our house.

We found out the hard way.

The Mister was doing some painting and moved a bit of stuff in the process.  Included in all that was some wiring.  He’s always very careful so it was a surprise when we discovered, post-paint job, that we had no computer.  No television.  No telephone.  We were “off the grid.”  And not by choice.

The culprit was a fiber optic cord.  Pulled out of its “source” by mistake.  As thin as a bit of thread, you can’t even see a “fiber optic cord” unless you look.  Really, really,  hard.

As a result, we were without computers, internet, television and telephones for a couple of days.    Ah, the peace, we said.  The quiet.  The zen-like atmosphere.  There were no bings, rings, or clicks.  No incoming.  No outgoing.  How sweet it was.

But after less than an hour, we realized we didn’t like it this way.  Not even one little bit.

We hate to admit it, but we’ve come to rely, quite seriously, on all that stuff.  We felt strange and isolated without it.  We welcomed the repairman with open arms and went quickly back to our devices. 

The whole thing was all a bit revealing, if not discouraging.  First, to learn that something that small, that unseeable, had that much power.  And second, to realize how out-of-sorts we felt without our usual “fixes.” “Off the grid” may be for some but, apparently, it’s not for us.