Head Spinners

By now, in this crazy world, we all know and understand that it’s best not to read, listen to or follow much of the news.  What to believe?  Who to believe?  It’s a little like hanging out with Rosemary’s Baby or the Exorcist.

There are times, of course, when we can’t avoid situations that make us stop in our tracks and ask: “Whoa! What just happened there?”

During this last year, I have often recalled the following bit of dialogue to help me through the crazies.  While head-spinning in itself, it at least brings laughter.

The year was probably 2000.  I was part of a group of women and the new board was assuming its role.

At its first meeting, the Incoming Chairwoman (ICW) asked the Outgoing Chairwoman (OCW) if she had a list of the group’s members.  

OCW said she did indeed have such a list.

ICW asked OCW if she would fax her that list.

OCW said she didn’t have a fax machine.

ICW said neither did she.

I rest my case.