High Maintenance

Oh, bother and fuss.  It’s a never ending struggle.

There’s always something that needs doing.  I know this to be true because my mirror tells me so.  It persists in reminding me that there is work, much work, to be done.

It constantly informs me that:

            My teeth need whitening, my hair needs coloring.

            My chin needs firming, my cheeks need blushing.

            The bones need strengthening, our wrinkles need smoothing.

            Those legs need shaving, and that tummy needs tucking. 

           The muscles need toning and those hips could truly use some slimming.

            The lashes need thickening and the brows need plucking.

            The nails need polishing and my lips need painting.

            The boobs need lifting and that neck really should be tightened.

On and on it goes.  Unending and unrelenting.   If I listen to it, it keeps me busy, busy, busy, just playing catch-up. Not to mention the whole money thing.

Or I can sit back, chill out, pour myself a glass of wine, and sing along with the Beatles as they belt out “Let It Be.”    Clearly, the choice is mine. So, mirror, mirror, on the wall, I may not be the fairest of them all but you need to get over yourself and accept me as I am. I think we’ll both be happier that way.

Image from The Scream by Munch