How Sweet “IT” Is.

“IT” is an old movie, made in 1988, directed by Woody Allen, and titled “Another Woman.”

It’s classic Woody Allen.  All those glorious shots of New York City, fabulous music, and actors we’ve long admired.

Gina Rowlands stars, supported by Blythe Danner, Gene Hackman, and, of course, Mia Farrow! Beautiful people in beautiful roles.

The story line was fine.  Not memorable but ala Woody Allen, it was never meant to be the driving element.  He’s all about his characters.  His “peeps.” Their lives, their struggles, their purpose, their angst.  And nobody does angst like Woody does angst.

What this movie didn’t have, and what made it so sweet, were cell phones.  As in, the lack of thereof.  Personal interactions were face-to-face.  There were no jangling ringtones coming from people’s pockets, altering the mood.  Characters stayed in character, uninterrupted by interruptions.

I simply sat back and enjoyed the elegant art of filmmaking. Took in the sights and just chilled out. Went with the flow. How very sweet it was, indeed.