I’d Love A Coven

I think a coven might be just what I need right now.  What could be better than a gathering of thirteen witches who share similar interests and activities? With that in mind, I’m seriously on the hunt for twelve, good and true, witches to join me.

I’ve never looked poorly on witches.  To the contrary, I have a dear friend who, by her own admission, is a witch.  She’s a good witch, but a witch nevertheless.  She’s led me down some interesting paths which I’ve happily followed and always to my benefit.

But, back to the coven.  I think a few hexes would be in order.  Perhaps they should be at the very top of our to-do list. We’d use our hex-abilities wisely and judiciously, but use them we would.

We’d stir some pots.  And not just those with eye of newt and toe of frog. 

And, of course, we’d fly.  Full moons always beckon and we’d follow the call.  But we’d fly only when no one else was watching.

Most importantly, we’d cackle.   Oh, how we’d cackle.  Our souls would soar with laughter and joy.  Maybe it’s witchful thinking but who knows? Maybe, just maybe, a coven’s in the cards.

Thanks to Pixabay for the modified Coven a-flyin’ image